November Trends- daily readers


Hello everyone! So, what trends did you find in your cards for November?

Interestingly, I got the 8 of Pentacles two days in a row, and then REVERSED for the next two days! Also a bunch of sixes - got Wands once each upright and reversed, and 6 of Swords twice. Ten of the cards were Majors, including Temperance twice. This has been a month of fluctuations- every week our schedules were being changed - again. On the 27th, the day I got the TOWER card we all got a bulletin stating that 'due to economic problems' that we are all being cut to 32 hours a week from 40 hours until the situation 'improves'. Merry Christmas!!


My november trend has been reversed. A total of 23 cards has been reversed this month - and no it?s not due to the deck needing cleansing (I did that after #12) and it?s not moody or anything. Suits and majors has been resonalbe mixed, however the first 9 days was all swords.
I have been refreshing my tarot studies - loads of lessons from tarot "thank you" - I have also tried to study for my examn in ( I think it?s the name anyway) pathology, but have mostly neclected it. I did pass ;D so apperently it didn?t matter anyway - yippie !! In all november hasn?t been as usual at all.


i missed three days this past month, so the total number of cards was 27. 10 were majors, 4 swords, 6 cups, 3 wands, 4 pentacles, 4 of which were court cards - a pretty even mix. i pulled the tower in the middle of the month, on the 12th, which was pointing toward the major turmoil i experiend toward the end i think. the lovers on the 20th indicated in what part of my life that turmoil would manifest. swords, cups, and the wheel of fortune completed the month. i seem to pull a disportionate number of majors on a consistant basis - i'm not sure why...
luv and light,