Numerology and Tarot


Im a beginner and was wondering if anyone has pointers re the numerology of cards. does anyone here find it to be an important aspect of reading? i havent really paid much attention to the numbers so far, but if any have found it useful maybe ill look into it more.


There certainly does seem to be a connection between the numbers and different suits. It can be based on the deck itself. I hope someone can clarify a bit more on this subject since I was looking at the cards last night myself in relation to the numbers.


Hi Lost,

There are several books out there that relate the tarot to numerology. I have called "Tarot Companaion" (forget who wrote it)... this book not only talks about numberology, but touches upon colors, symbols, astrology, etc. - all related to the tarot. I pulled this book out the other night while looking at a spread, and it helped me see even more.

good luck


Another book that has numerology in it is Tarot Plain and Simple by Anthony Louis. Good Luck! I found that adding in tarot information to tarot helped me remember the tarot meanings :)
love and light,