Numerology is kewl


got a cool new numerology book this weekend (singing)!

Found out my birth, vowel, consonant, whole name and maturity #s. Along with my Karmic debt and lessons (thankfully I have no lessons this time, but I do have a bit of debt. :( )

Very interesting stuff. Anyone else into it? Care to discuss? I haven't figured out any sort of prediction stuff yet, not sure if I'll go that far. But I think it does help you figure out someone's personality quite a bit. Mine was so accurate I was stunned!

Rhiannon :)


Shortly after getting into tarot, I delved into numerology a bit. In my opinion it helps you understand the cards better. I get really confused though because there are several ways to add to figure out your life path number. I never figured out the right way..For example, I can add up my birthdate one way and get an 11 and I can use another and get 2. So I get confused


Hi Rhiannon.
I've been interested in Numerology for some time, but I haven't found any good books on the subject (at least not here in Norway). Can you recommend any? Or, you wanna practice on my data? :p




The name of the book I got is "Soul Numerology" by Julie Gale. And Yea! you can order it through Amazon (make sure to connect thru aeclectic so Solandia gets a portion of the sale :) ) for $14. I came across mine in a used book store.

destinyawaitsme: You're not supposed to add an 11 together to get a 2, 11 and 22 are Master Numbers. But some people have a hard time living up to a master, so they sometimes revert to being a 2 or a 4. At least that's what I understand from the book. I'm not sure how you're adding your #s together.

aeonx: Be happy to work out your chart for you. PM me with your birthdate and your full birth name (the one on your birth certificate) and your married name (if you have one). It may take a day or two.

Rhiannon :)


Im an 11. can you tell me about being a master number? I always added it together for a 2, not knowing it was special



Numerology is fascinating.

All multiples of 11 are considered master numbers .

As a lifepath number they hold the potential that is within us to fulfil.
The 11 lifepath is often called the Lightworker or the Messenger of Spirit. There is the potential to move beyond the gentle energy of the 2 who prefers to work alongside others . The double 1's add a strength of purpose, inspiration and "the power to move the masses." Many, of course, will never do so - happy to function as 2's.

Confronting this in your birth chart too , Liliana. Its a struggle to find the words to put it all together cohesively but it is coming.


master numbers

Yeah, I know about the master numbers thing.

My life path is 11 and my expression number is 22. It just freaks me out sometimes when people talk about all this spiritual power I am supposed to have. maybe I do, and jsut do not realize it. I have read several books which contains information about people with master numbers (like characteristics) and they are incredibly like me. I jsut really don't know what it all means.