Numerology Question: How do the core numbers behave?


I have been doing readings for myself about my core-numbers, as I believe they play an important role in who we are and what we are meant to do in this lifetime. So far, I've found that we have five core numbers, but I do not quite understand the connection between these digits. I'll include my data along with the representation;

1. Life Path - 6
2. Expression - 22/4
3. Personality - 8
4. Soul Urge - 5
5. Birth Date - 2

Some internet sites say that the life path number defines us as we are, and the expression number tells us what we must do. The way I understand the "life path" is that it is the core role you will play in this life, however I don't quite understand the expression number. With my own reading, I was able to deduce that I have the traits of a nurturer and the skills of a master builder - but such a description is extremely vague and I'm still confused.

Also, there is a bridge number which is found by subtracting the value of the life path number from the expression number. Some websites say I have 2, but that would mean that the 22 is reduced to a 4. From what I know, master numbers aren't supposed to be reduced - another reason why I am confused.

TO TOP IT OFF; there is even a personality number too! Didn't the life path and the expression number already give me insights in that area?

So in a nutshell, would anyone with some understanding of this be able to shed some light as to how these numbers interact with each other? Help would be appreciated.. xo


There are many numerology systems out there...some of them even clash with each other. This is why when you find a system that resonates with you that you should stay with that particular system, even if it does not 'agree' with others.

Part of the problem is that some numerology goes to 22, which is a Prime number, and even beyond 22 since integers are infinite - but Tarot can only go to 9 or 21, thereby placing a set of limitations on whatever system you are using. Are you using numbers as numbers alone or numbers as Tarot cards?

PS - I am no expert in this, either!

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In several of the many threads here at AT, You will have a Birth Number (1-9), and that number can have two or three Tarot cards which are your Soul, Personality, and Shadow cards - which never change. Then you can also calculate your Year card which changes @ your birth date, and goes through a 9-year cycle in which some numbers (cards) change and some never seem to change...but that is only one particular system.


not too much into numerology,
but read books by Glynis McCants, David Phillips, Lisa Lenard, Lloyd Strayhorn,
and/or Michael Brill might help to explain things....especially
Glynis' books....she's nicknamed the' numbers lady', she's praised as the
Jeanne Dixon of numerology....
or get the 'idiot's guides' or 'for dummies guides'...despite their titles, they
explain to the minute detail....



I have practiced and studied numerology for several years so I may be able to help! The internet and even book media have many conflicting and differing ways of saying things, especially depending on the bias or misunderstanding of the author (mostly a problem with internet websites).

Your life path number defines who you are at the time of birth and your core traits, as you noted. The expression number indicates your talents and traits, how you "express" yourself. Your life path number indicates that as a person, you are caring, nurturing and loving. However, your expression number indicates that you are a natural leader and builder. This could be reflected, for example, that as a person, you are nurturing and loving, and you could build and lead groups of individuals in sharing circles, communities. As a leader, you would be the kind of person who not only gets things built and created from the ground up, but those under you would come to love you as someone who truly respects and cares for their well being.

Your personality is how people may see you and perceive you before getting to know you. It is how you represent yourself in life. It means that people see you as responsible, take-charge and in control. You are confident, assured of yourself. So, we know you are a nurturer - in the hypothetical situation, the employees/family/etc under you come to know you as a great nurturer who will sponsor and support their talents, BUT when they first meet you, they know you KNOW what must be done, what HAS to be done and you will take no bull from anyone. Thus, they respect your leadership and will respond to you with obedience and dignity, and even after learning how caring you are, will still respect that you are confident and not easily bent.

The soul urge is kind of your deep down inner expression. Your soul urge indicates you are highly intuitive, but also a great thinker and risk taker. When combined with the above, this augments your builder (22) and take charge (8) because you are a forward moving and progressive thinker. You need things to be able to expand, evolve and you have a natural inclination for leadership because you can intuitively sense what is happening behind the scenes and what may happen.

The birthdate number is a theme occurring over the present year which defines the primary driving force behind the events in your life.

Putting it together, I would say that you are have the traits and driving force to be a well respected parent who can shape and define children as well as be the beacon for other parents around you, or a community/business leader that can gained the respect of those following you. We can also take this to the spiritual community, in that you inspire others, build ways of thinking and believing that act as a healing tool and bring others together.

With your combination, to be honest, the possibilities are very wide open to you.

I hope this makes sense and has helped.


My apologies for the late reply! My mind has been a bit scrambled these past few months :(

Thank you for your reply! This definitely helped me understand a LOT more than what I have before! Your help is greatly appreciated : D