Oh no! My Faery Godmother Story....


I just wrote you all my beautiful Faery Godmother story from today and it got lost somewhere in Cyber Space. So I am still putting this thread up, to remind me that I still have to share my story with you :)

Has anyone else got any Faery Godmother stories they would like to share?


Don't you HATE that????

Perhaps there is an evil gremlin fae who oversees such horrible acts of fate, such as lost computer information.

My Faery Godmother story: I was going through the deck, early on, only a few weeks after having received it and pulled the Faery GM as the card who reminded me of She Who Stands Behind the Decks (my primary female spirit guide who works with me in divination). I had pulled the card during a reading, not sure now, but all I remember is putting all my Fae cards back together, and then shuffling one more time, with one more question I had...

And the Faery Godmother popped right out and fluttered to the floor at my feet. I knew I had been given my answer, and thanked her.

Her globes represent wisdom, knowledge she holds that she can share. One is material wisdom (the fruit) the other is spiritual wisdom (the crystal sphere). She is so connected to the Other Realms, she has branches coming out her crown chakra. She is (partially) Always There.


My faery Godmother story...
When I first got the deck and did the initial exercises from the book, I looked carefully at each card, deciding upon which was my favorite...and my least favorite, and all of that...

And she wasn't there.

Thing was...I didn't know she wasn't there. Not until I sat down and looked through the whole book.

I believe I even did some readings with the cards before I realized that she was not among the rest. I went through each card again, just to be sure.

So...I looked through the envelope the cards came in,(they were a trade!) and looked through all the rest of the mail, the garbage, etc.

No Faery Godmother.

So I read through the description in the book, feeling a bit of loss, because she was so inceredibly beautiful, and so wise, and so giving. I felt an instant connection to her. I would surely have chosen her as my favorite card if only I had seen her there in the deck.

A few hours later, I was having conversations with all the fae around me, and while putting them away, I noticed there was a card that had slipped under the big overstuffed chair in the room.

And there she was, smiling up at me with that serene benevolance of hers.
I asked why she hid from me...but I never really got a straight answer (not surprising...)

I have since come to think that she didn't want me to choose her in those exercises...maybe she wanted me to become her.

And I have strived ever since to do just that.


No story, but I do love this card, and when it comes up I'm aware of a feminine energy like that of a favorite (but perhaps a bit snooty) aunt. Maybe that's just me.

She's the kind who will remind you about your posture, and wonder why you chose to wear your hair that way. But she's delightful, sometimes humorous, always helpful, and can be profoundly wise.

I look forward to your story, TA.



My Faery Godmother story.....

Thanks so much for sharing your stories! I really wish there was more interaction in this section of the Forum....

Yesterday I awoke, I was slightly ruffled, so much to do and not knowing where to begin. Panic hadn't set in but it wasn't far away. I was achieving nothing and needed to do everything: assignments etc.

I shuffled my deck for some inspiration and the FM fell out. I smiled at her and said hello and then put her back in the deck, thinking that she couldn't possibly be my card for the day.

Shuffled again, and who should fall out again but FM and this time she was smiling at me! :)

My first thought was miracles, there's going to be a miracle today....

I felt much calmer, and settled into my assignments with my FM leaning against the plant next to my computer. Each time I looked at her she nodded encouragement at me, she definately knew something I didn't....

Later on in the day, the phone rang and it was a man running a Spring Fair in Melbourne on Sunday. He had heard via someone who had received my Moon Soap as a present, about my soap and wanted me to have a stall at the Fair! I have been so busy, that I have not had time yet to figure out how I am going to sell the beautiful soap I have put so much energy into all Winter. I just knew I wanted to do a 'market thing.' (Read Nelys the Alchemist post, ahhhh....the penny just dropped ;) )

Well, there was my miracle...

Not long after that my College rang to say I had passed the exam re-sit for a subject I failed last semester.

A second miracle....I was feeling very blessed indeed :)

I got through major chunks of my assignments.

All day the FM was there saying, "Go on, you will be alright, you just have to trust!"

And she's right you know!

The thing about the Fae is, they make things so simple and I like simple. I am glad they banged loudly from inside their box so that I would get them out to play!

I think I may take them to the Fair on Sunday, I am sure they will enjoy ;)

Edited to add: My Fair Stall had to get the go ahead from a committee, so I got the confirmation today. I think that's why this thread got lost in cyberspace, I was maybe getting a little excited too early and it had not fully manifested yet!


That's a wonderful story TA!~ I'm always so happy to hear how these cards bring such unique and fitting messages into people's lives, right at the time they need them most.

And Thank you too, Faery Godmother....


A friend pointed out to me today that the card fell out twice and there were two miracles!

Thanks indeed to our gorgeous Faery Godmother :)