okay, NOW you can see the whole International Icon Tarot --


i remember when i first saw a few cards from this deck and i wasn't too excited aboutit. but it has grown on my the more i have seen of it. the icon figures are really very expressive, i like the colours of it and the simplistic designs.
i might very well go ahead and buy it if i get the chance.

Major Tom

Congratulations on your website - it looks great! :D Your deck looks really impressive especially since it's all finished and together.

Should we remind people that t-shirts are available? :laugh:


Why yes, Tom, we ought to! In fact, we could direct the fashion-forward Aeclectic crowd toward your website: http://www.majortom.biz/ , so they can scout around for all sorts of tarot-related items! :)


It's a wonderful deck, I dare say it could be better for beginners than some of the other starter decks. It's so simple you don't get confused with the detail and the message is clear. Well done.


I have been collecting Tarot for close to 30 years. I have around 200 decks- quit counting at 180 or so. As a "youngster" I was impressed by decks crammed full of symbolism, i.e. the Thoth, Voyager or Hermetic Tarots.
Over the past few years, I have developed a love and appreciation for simple or minimalist decks. It is SO MUCH HARDER to convey the feeling or meaning of a card using color and minimal symbolism than to throw symbolic images scattershot into a card figuring some of them will have to mean something to someone somewhere.
In conclusion, I LOVE the International Icon Tarot! I WANT it, I NEED it, I can't live without it! Please publish this deck; I'll take two since I imagine I'd wear out the first copy pretty darn quickly as a daily use deck!
Thanks, Rose


i really like the IIT deck, too. i like how so much is conveyed by simple gestures and color. it reminds some of the simple tarot but it has it's own style. decks like this are perfect for the beginner b/c they aren't so busy that you get overwhelmed trying to remember all the parts.


Its a wonderful concept. The images make a very good statement. Its somehow humorous in a very good way. I would purchase this. I would enjoy having the deck in my collection, and using it as well. Thanks for taking the project on, and following through to completion of all the cards.