Okay so i feel like i'm getting subtle messages from spirit?


This morning. I observed a few what i can only call signs- my mind focusing on elements of the universe that seemed to come together with a message for me or someone else. I looked at the toothbrush battery- it looked like a pregnancy indicator and was flashing like it would if you did a digital test. I then was drawn to a toilet roll number- it said 11 and 10:32. I read into this to mean a pregnancy in 9 months- being born in November at 10:32. I also got the sense it was for the woman who has been staying with me this weekend. She did just sleep with my other friend last night- and i get the sense it's to do with her. Is this messages from spirit or am i just imagining things?



what i would do, is use my pendulum and ask for clarifications on these numbers...


How do you mean?- any other thoughts on this? Thanks :)


I guess you'll need to wait to see if your friend misses her regulars or for three months .
I would write down what you picked up and wait.


I noted it in my journal- maybe I'll set a reminder on my calendar to remind me of this :)


a forward dated reminder , what a great Idea.


I am sure the numbers mean something, in the beginning our translation of hte numbers tends to be off sometimes, but keep a note of these things and it all starts coming together, you also have a record to show your not actually going mad!

Lastnight i was failing to fall asleep and i noticed that each time i noticed my digital alarm clock the numbers were adding up to 7 of 9, and then it seemed like i noticed the numbers only when they were all the same digit. Now i can explain this away as coincedence, but it felt different, the numbers looked brighter/sharper somehow, so its not tangible but after years of these signs, i KNOW now its for me. This is an example of something you might see but not actually think is anything, but really is....this is often how spirit/angels work, nice and subtle, becareful asking for something less subtle though....i have heard interesting stories about that!


Thanks i have asked for that too for spirit to show themselves to me in kindness as even though i believe, i am still abit skeptical about physically being able to see a spirit as in like to be able to see like i could see you- matter based.

I really want to see spirit, but i can only feel and also i get energy outlines- especially at night when it's quiet and i'm tired and thinking about sleeping. I have described the same spirits to my other half as what he has seen. It was a weird experience.

We both saw Egyptian looking spirit women with a man who looked abit malevolent. I just thought i was tired and seeing things out of the shadows. Can spirit present themselves as shadow entities? I may just be going totally mad so forgive me if i am :)


Write down the event and the time. In a few weeks, offer to buy her a pregnancy test if she will take it.


Ambience said:
I may just be going totally mad so forgive me if i am :)

If I may say so , you won't have things change without giving up the present system of logic.
Don't let your fears block the entrance to your hearts desires. Instead examine those fears and get to the issues creating them.

no why questions.(A personal opinion that seems to be an entertainment channel for the ego to keep attentions focused on self.)

Example questions. , "What am I afraid of ", What is frightening about this, What does this fear block ,etc. What ,how ,when where,who. seem to be more productive at getting accurately to the base problems.

Another key to solving things is the willingness to experience them.

Enjoy your challenges.