Old Estonian Flower cards - messages of love



What flower would your love interest hand you if he or she had the chance ? What message are they keen to convey to you currently ?

Please leave me, nicely, your loved ones initial and a brief description of how they figure in your life ( eg : L is my partner, F is an ex , D is someone I fancy from afar etc etc )

1. Scorpiogirl
3. Pdmishh
4. Pageofswords9110
5. Jdance
6. Zhadee


ML is a man I'm casually dating, not an official couple. Thank you.


Hello may I? His initials is E.L.W. he is someone that I like, even though we are friends. I hope that's okay?


This is sweet :)

My love interests initials are BM and mine are ET. I'm wondering if anything will "blossom" between us?


May I sit ?
My former love interest initials is RB I still have hope one day we could make things work


May I?
My former love, CJ. Missing his friendship


What a beautiful idea. I love flower readings.

If you decide to exceed five people then I would love to know what flower message comes up from a man I am interested in romantically (someone I secretly admire from afar - there is a geographical distance between us) His initials are N.D

Thank you x


I'll make a start on these tomorrow. Actually later today ! (Where does the time go ...)


Good grief... this is sweet... Samantha, do you perhaps have a spot for me? I fancy a man in the distance.
Stupid thing to do...

edit... happy to notice I made it on the list! Yay :) his initial is A


I would love one if you accept more sitters...

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