Omens, Symbols and the Web of Connection


I suppose this thread could have been included in the section on herbs and crystals, because it includes those things...but for me, in encompasses so much more.

I have been working on raising my vibrations for the past year, and there have been some interesting consequences.
One of these, is this ability to see order and parallels, which I was previously unaware of.

I have done this before, to some extent, in creating new oracle systems, that have a surprising and awesome correspondence to ancient ones, that I was unaware of at the time I was creating them.

It's like the whole world is a web of coincidence and synchronicity and I am starting to see the threads and the patterns so clearly, that I can weave them together like a tapestry of Universal Truths.

Two recent examples (or large one!)

I took part in a crystal reading exchange last month that helped me to discover a connection to amber, that has really been helping me find motivation and squash depression.
But in opening up to the vibrations of the Amber stone, it opened up other connected threads on the web...and suddenly I was finding ways to heal the past, build my self esteem and open the 3rd (solar plexus) chakra.

I re-discovered something in my apartment that had been long lost and forgotten...a (apparently illegal!) tiny bottle of Ambergris oil.
I was so drawn to this perfume, that I have wearing it for a month...never realizing the connection it had to the amber stone I was also wearing. (their names both come from the same root source!)

And a few weeks later...two more seemingly unrelated circumstances...
A friend gave me some echinacea that was from her the same time I received a bottle of echinacea supplements from my mom (they were on sale ...she buys anything on sale...)
I started taking it,making tea...and it seemed to focus my mind.

Also...about two weeks ago, I have been receiving gifts of Hedgehogs. I always liked hedgehogs...but suddenly they appear in my life, a bunch out of nowhere...and I now have a large brush ornament, a rubber stamp, and a fuzzy plush.

I decided yesterday to look up the totem symbolism for it seemed more than a coincidence that they are showing up for me.

And not only are they symbols of energy...and help to raise vibration levels(!) but they are solar symbols related to the 3rd chakra. and their sientific name comes from the root for echinacea.
of course....

So the past month I have been drawing these symbols to me, unwittingly...unknowingly, for a reason.

and now I am aware of the threads...and how they connect to each other and to the source like a large web.

I just wanted to share this as it's been an amazing month...and only now am I realizing it!


Truly amazing experiences! Thank you for sharing!

I love when things come and you realize, ever after the fact that they are connected and relevent to what is going on in life.


That's wonderful Chronata, isn't it amazing how the Universe swings into action to bring us exactly what we need when we are ready to receive it and understand it? I call it the trail of bread-crumbs and following it is like coming home after going deep, deep into the dark woods.

Putting all the clues together, researching each one, actively looking and being aware each day for new messages and truly feeling that connectedness brings a wholeness to me which can't be described but reading through your post, it is clear that you have found it too. The healing from this is immeasurable isn't it?

One of the things that I have found it does for us, if we continue to be aware is that we start to look outwards, expecting the signs and messages and looking forward to researching, learning and what exciting synchronicities that will lead us to. This focus on the journey instead of the self then pans outwards to others and the whole environment so that we no longer exist in a microcosm of our own little world but expand exponentially into a limitless Macrocosm where the possibilities are endless, our compassion for others grows and healing takes place on a Universal level (ie everything around us is somehow improved)

Thank you so much for starting this thread, it is a wonderful reminder of the beautiful nature of the Universe.



Thank you both!

Milfoil...I LOVE your Fairy tale analogy ! Yes! It feels like the bred crumb (or shiny stone) trail has led me "Home"
Though I never really felt "lost" in the deep dark does have that same feeling of relief/peace mingled with excitement!

There have been other connections like these in the past...

Characters I "created", that turned out to be real entities or deities...

Deciding on a path...and then seeing the road signs absolutely EVERYWHERE in my daily life...

I do find it amusing that often my guides won't just give me a direct know that the enjoyment comes in the off hand discovery, or revelation!

They know I like to solve puzzles...that I will trust something more if I had to come about it the long way, and using my own skills to get there!