on getting a deck for a friend


i posted this question just before the server went down and i never got to read the replies! :(
so here goes again:
i'm thinking of buying a deck for a friend
because isn't that the way it is supposed to be? i mean, isn't a deck supposed to given to you? but i would like to know, how do i go about doing this? she lives a few states away, hates reider-waite, likes pastels, and has a deck that she bought for herself. so do i tell her that i want to get a deck for her? a tarot merchant here in town said i have one month's time to exchange it if she doesn't like it

i look forward to reading replies!



I think that I would rather pick out my own deck. I mean, it's got to feel right, and look right. Maybe she could give you a list of the ones she's interested in. But, then again, I read somewhere that it has to be a surprise. I hope you know her very, very well.


I agree with arizonagirl. But maybe first you could surprise her with a wooden box to store the new deck. Then tell her what your plans are and that you would like to get an idea of what type of deck she would like. Then ask for a list.
Hope this makes sense.


The idea that a Tarot deck needs to be acquired as a gift is to be seen as one of those "myths" or non-absolutes that have further added to the confusion regarding the practice of Tarot!
Even if you feel you know your friend & her preferences, keep in mind that Tarot is very subjective so choosing a deck is tricky at best unless she intends to collect decks. You might consider a gift certificate from Llewellyan, U.S. Games or Wooden Horse Books which carry a selection of decks & deck-book sets.


my friend actually got me a deck just yesterday as a gift. i have an ancestral path deck (love it!) and now a lord of the rings tarot deck. my friend knows me well, but personally, i'd rather buy my own deck. i love tolkien and all, but just don't feel comfortable with the LoTR tarot... hope that helps, i read on the message board and someone suggested something pretty good... a case for the deck. that's always very useful =D good luck with your gift!


This reminds me of choosing crystal for my friends and clients. Tarot, like crystals, are very subjective. When I need to choose crystal for someone, I will try to use my intuition and scan through items after items, with the heart to choose it for someone. Quite a lot of times, some items will attracts me and I know it is the one. And when later I present it to my friends, it is just what they are looking for. So, my suggestion is, trust your instincts, and do it whole heartedly, and you will get the best deck for your friend!


hey thanks, everyone!

i really like the idea of getting a box or scarf for the deck that she already has
cuz she just got this deck a few months ago
and what i really want to get her is a 'thank you' gift. i thought another deck was a good idea; i didn't realize how personal it was. so thanks again everyone!