One Card "Spreads" - Do you use them for more than 'daily draws?'


Aerin said:
I'm interested in who uses one card draws with success, and with which decks. I know a lot of people use them fo a 'card a day' but what about more complex questions?
Depends how 'complex' a question we are talking about. I don't draw a 'card of the day', (never could be bothered) but I find one card enough to answer straight forward questions- yes/ no type questions; 'what is X thinking/ doing/ planning etc' type questions; 'what will happen if I...' type questions. Beyond those I think more cards are needed. The more variables in a question or situation then the more cards I feel I need.


Aerin said:
I find that going to one card instead of several gets me to look really, really closely at the card and fnd details that I might otherwise have missed (especially in a large spread). ?'

To read for myself I always try to stick with one card readings. I never do one card a day because lets face it I am too lazy to do that every single day :D but when I read for myself I keep it to one card. and yes I agree with you that looking at one card deeply helps me out. Last night in fact I had about 3 questions on the same subject, I was so confused I didnt know what to even ask and the whole time shuffling i thought about the situation and I actually said "you know what i want to know and the answer I dont know what to ask" and I pulled one card that answered ALL the questions I had. All of them in ONE card were answered. I had to look at the card for a bit and then a light bulb came on and i was grateful because no clarification card was even needed. I wrote it in my journal and was pleasantly happy with the result. if it wouldve been a large spread I wouldnt have gotten it.