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I have been checking in my area (Detroit, MI) and the best I can get is $21 per deck IF I get 200 decks. Since I am making a photo based deck, it is full color and plastisized. There is a patern on the back in B/W only. I have my cards posted at SkipsPhotosGroup at Yahoo Groups, and would appreciate any feedback you all would be willing to share. Not all of my pictures are on at this time, but I am steadly adding to the Tarot folder.


"I have my cards posted at SkipsPhotosGroup at Yahoo Groups,..."

A more complete URL would be appreciated. I'd like to see the cards very much.


Oh, Yahoo you have to log into first, so a full URL won't help unless you're actually a member (they're funny that way). Logging in then searching IS the fastest way to do it.

Blackowl, can they do the color printing on card stock for you? What was the # on the paper, if they did--and did they limit you to 8 1/2 x 11" card stock or say they could do it all on one large sheet? I've gotten so many conflicting answers from printers in this city!

I went to the site you listed, the 8 of Pentacles is hysterical! I've got to send that to a friend to see! He really got into the photo shoot didn't he! Reminds me of the picture taking a friend did who was working on a fantasy picture of a battleground--he got 10 of us together & we laid down on cardboard in the middle of this snow covered field in various 'death' poses. I think he took 3 rolls, we all were so frozen afterwards we went out for hot chocolate later.

The 7 is good too. The cards look so much better when the background has more saturated color & the people are closer. It's hard to see some of the actual cups in the cups cards. Some of them were taken around high noon from the level of light there, they've gotten a tad washed out. I think a richer look stands the cards better.

Is there a person in the Fool card? I couldn't see any.

I like the High Priestess, but what's that silver platter at the base of the torch? (Nice Japanese swords you're using).

The Magician is a bit squooshed vertically, though. And I don't know if I'd include the Ace of Swords picture in with the rest unless it's got a personal meaning for you. It doesn't seem to fit the nature look of the rest of the cards.

Rota--Actually it's over in the area -- here's the URL:


Printing options

Hi Elder;
I am dealing with a local printer, he dosen't have the facilities to do the job himself. He is making arrangments with another printer. He told me the cards would be done on regular card stock, die cut for rounded corners, and plastic laminated. The only cetch is the total cast of $4200, but is's not bad for 200 decks of 78 cards each. The other printer prints playing cards and other special printing projects. The place I started was Comunity Reproductions and Printing, at 734-455-4411. I talked with Al, and he did my "We Care Cards", so I asked him about the Tarot.

There is only the face in the water on the bottem center in the fool card.

The Silver plater is supposed to be a shield, not very good it seems.

The magician needs to be redone, I would prefer to shoot it outside with a natural background rather than using print shop to it.


Saw them!

They're beautiful and unique -- very personal. These really ought to be printed and laminated for use in readings. Good work.


Rota, Thank you. I have tried to stay fairly close to the Rider-White deck which I am comfortable with. I have put in most of the rest of the ones I have. You will notice not many guys are willing to pose for this project, I may have to break down and hire some models. I try to stay in the following guides; Wands = Strength; Swords = Force; Penticals = Material ; Cups = Speritual. I have redone the magician, posted Strength and several other cards.

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Hi Blackowl,

I've had a look at your deck and decided to split it out of HudsonGray's thread. Your deck deserves it's own thread. :)

I think it's really cool that you're getting them printed. :D Are you going to sell them too?

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