One more new thread about my new deck:


Nobody has made specific comments pertaining to the idea of making a *holographic* - 3-D - Tarot. I was wondering if people had thoughts to share on the subject? I am going to be posting as fast as I can!! ;)


Well, I was just sort of wondering if the surface would be so thick that the deck itself would be too unweildy to shuffle properly. There's that plastic coating used, usually, for one way holographs are made.

I've seen flatter holographs like on baseball cards, but the surface is too delicate (they laminate it on the card, it's not good for continual handling).

Which way were you going to go on this? Is there someone local who has done holographic cards/items that you like the work of?


Is this retro or futeristic?

Is this retro '3-D' psychadelic or monster mash funny?

Is it futeristic?

I guess a fantasy theme might be fun. The Diamond Tarot's side panels reminds me of the fantasy color mirrors effect.

Novelties in 3-D that require special angles or magic filters remind me of dimestore (dollar store?) games and pretty stickers on tennis shoes and folders that my nephews and nieces liked when they were very I wasn't certain who your audience might be...but it may not need an identifiable audience for one to be creative and want to play!

Best wishes,

Cerulean Mari


holographic photo's require a special camera which can be quite expensive. You might contact some of the sports card companies for help and info on how to do a holographic card set as the sports trading cards are about the only ones that I know of that use holographs on a regular basis. Also you might talk to some of the camera stores that are local to you.

I definitely think it would be great!