One to Address ALL of Your Spirit Guides


Who knows, maybe one of my Fab 14 (or they all conspired) made me come up with this spread (probably the showgirl of the group who likes getting attention: ME! ME!).


Thanks for this cool spread. I just tried it out, to see if I could connect with my guides in an easier fashion(usually it's only with meditation)

I like the way it worked out.

I have 6 Spirit Guides

And the one I connected to in the spread told me right away who he was!


Thanks for the great spread! I just found out I have 10 with only one who wanted to interview at the moment . The one that I have now seems to be very sweet and nurturing. :) I need to post my reading in Your Readings in a day or two.


Just did the spread and had a total "duuuuuuuuuuuude..." moment *ulp*
Very clear communication from the 2 of 7 (I'm pretty sure...) on this one. It's definitely one to be blogged!

I'm PM-ing you, KafkasGhost, because I _have_ to share!


Whoa! I've got 15! The Devil(XV) dared me to clarify, so I pulled the Yes/No/Maybe spread. Magician in the 2nd pile, Ace of wands in the 3rd.
Yeah, 15....only 4 will consent to an interview at this time.

KG, I commented on your blog before coming here. Duh.....

:) Leigh


I had a good time with this reading. I got the death card, and asked if I should reduce it to 4, they said yes. All four were willing to communicate, though only two really seemed to communicate well.

I had the feeling that I wasnt alone while doing this reading. It was very cool. I also felt that they had a gender, or were at least more feminine or masculine. Two were female two were male. The first was clearly more male, very strong and wise, and he said that he like to be with me in my moments of weakness and instability (I have manic depression). The second was my favorite. She told me she always like to stay with me, and she was the one who gives me my intuition and leads me to love. Thanks much for the spread! ^.^


You're welcome and thank you, Saphirel. I'm glad it helped you get in touch with your "helpers."

I'll have to summarize my interview with the 9 on my blog. It's funny, 2 of them showed up twice, like they weren't done with the first interview, they had more to say... :D


This was neat. I have 7 and 2 were interested in talking to me at the time. Maybe more will want to talk later?

What I thought was kind of neat is that I felt that some of what they were telling me through the cards were things I was meant to pick up intuitively. For example: one the question about why they are there, if they were assigned, related, etc, i got 10 of cups. I was using the Golden tarot and as I am looking at the card, i see a family together and happy and a baby in the picture is looking straight at me. then it came to me: family. i was related to this person! i got the feeling it was a family member in this lifetime who had passed away.

in another reading, they told me using a card that had fighting on it, that we had been through alot of strife, violence and hard times together in a past life. ive always suspected i was in a particular era in a past life, so, using my pendelum i asked them were we in this time period together and got a strong "YES!" I hope thisparticular guide can tell me more about that life. Ive been suspecting I was in a particular place and time\ felt it strongly, but never knew for sure. maybe they can answer some questions for me.

I just thought it was neat how they tried to make it all quite easy for me to pickup on. I could feel them there. it was a strong presence. I hope the rest talk to me someday. Id like to get to know them more.


This is great spread. I had a go and I currently have 2 guides both of whom said they tend to be around when change is occurring or I'm on the threshold of a new phase in life. Could be interesting!


Great spread, just asked how many i have- the lovers came up so 6?
then asked how many of them would like to be interviewed and i pulled the 6 of wands...looks like i have my work cut out!