opening to channel, how to connec with your guide, review


I thought I reviewed this book earlier perhaps I talked about but I guess I never give a review of it.

it is written by two co authors sanaya roman and duane packer who since the book was published in 1987 in my book copy have stuck and worked much more in their field. alas after soul love book in the 90s they have stuck to audio courses and live workshop.

on the amazon site for the recent edition of this book
"Note: The revised eBook edition has the addition of several color illustrations and has been updated, however the processes and information in both the printed and eBook editions are essentially the same"
there is about 20 pages in the new edition not in my edition

the book was written based on their experiences in teaching channeling in live workshops so they used these examples to perhaps convey a point or help out with a problem they are trying to describe.
then of course most likely they followed their guide guidance on what they wanted to teach to come up with the outline.

the focus on this channeling is light trance channeling aka you don't go into a semi or deep trance where you lose memories of what you channelled or are taken over like jane Roberts and seth.

as a result due to this light trance you will of course doubt over what you are receiving especially if you just rely on the book and no one to practice on. as an aside I eventually ordered more channelling tapes from them and the opening to channel tape excerises as well.

so why is this book such a master piece ?
well look at the outline of contents. to paraphrase or sum it up

welcome to channelling. a chapter on what it is and what isn't
channelling in trance.
who are the guides
how guides communicate with you
getting ready to c hannel

section 2 opening to channel
achieving a trance state
connecting with your guide
reading for others
prediction and probable futures

section 3 stories of opening to channel

our channeling experiences.
getting ready to teach channeling
stories after opening to channel

section four developing your channel

channeling a great awakeing
strengthening your channel
going out into the world as a channel
channeling the time is now.

apendrix , resources.
other books

going back in time how this book affected me..
I remember taking a week or two to get the courage to try opening the channel and meeting my guide.
I was influenced by Hollywood movies and so I had a lot of fear.

it was until after reading the book a great deal that a particular passage struck me that the beings of light were brothers of angels or something along those lines.
one thing about my early time here in the forum back in 2002 to 2003/4 perhaps is I actually did channeling here using this book as a ways to practice.

the best thing for me for this book was to discern between high level guides and lower level guides .

in looking for a good passage from the book I picked randomly near the middle and picked a passage.

"be selective of your gift. do not feel you have to must give a reading to anyone who asks, your connection to your guide is a valuable gift"

the book in my opnion is a great opening for anyone wanting to channel.