Opinions on psychics


I do love going to a psychic but I will admit I go to more than one or a few sometimes (Yay obsessive compulsive-ness >.>). Anyway, I met some good ones, met some bad ones, met ones that were accurate then not anymore, etc., met mean ones, met nice ones.

Anyway, this site called spiritnow.com I used to be on it but closed accounts,etc. a few months ago. Today I got a post card saying from some psychic oh they see something around Sept 28th. Part of me wishes something but but my pessimistic says no because they said the same thing months ago, "OH YOU GOT BIG CHANGES ON WAY". Well my life is still at a dead end, nothing has changed. I don't mean to sound bitter but really it hasn't. Hence why I'm depressed.

I think the one thing that sucks, even when doing tarot cards, it's usually a waiting game to see if something happens or not but at least with tarot cards, all your readings with them are FREE ;)


Hi! I've read a few of your threads.

First, stop going to multiple psychics for multiple readings. You have already answered your own questions. Yes, there are fake psychics out there....many. And, yes, timing is hard in the psychic and tarot world.

If you suffer from depression, you're digging yourself a hole with all these readings that may or may not be true. You're paying for a quick high because they tell you what you want to hear. When it doesn't happen, you're even more disappointed. Then the bill comes.

If you have to, ask for readings here or exchange readings. No one is reading for money here, so they don't have to sugar coat the readings for you. Then, at least, you won't go into debt with all your psychic readings.

Also, the readings aren't going to make things happen for you. You still need to go out and live life. Get a new hobby, join some meet ups groups....things like that.

I hope things look up for you!.....and, yes, I am guilty of asking for too many readings, too.



First rule of thumb for a conservative spender is asking yourself the question, "Do I need it?" Psychic consultations are definitely not a necessity... no matter how fabulous, it is still "entertainment" and you should learn to restrict your spending on entertainment. The second thing is, the thing you got in the mail is called direct marketing... they're trying to instill the need within you to talk to one of their psychics. Whenever I get any type of direct marketing in the mail from whatever kind of company, it typically goes straight in the bin. I decide when I need or want something.

Lastly, find a psychic that you like and stick with him or her. Don't swim around in a giant pool of nobody's you didn't take the time to get to know style-wise. All that is going to do is make you not trust any of them because I can 100 percent guarantee you that they're all going to say something different.


I agree with BlueBonnet.

You need to take time away from psychics. They are not helping you or adding to your enjoyment of life in any way.

You are seeking on what you wish to hear, and when you don't hear it, you are even more miserable.

What are you doing with your life to improve it, or work towards your goals?

Rather than spending money on a psychic, why not attend a yoga class or a medidation group? Rather than asking about whether you will meet someone in a tarot spread, have you joined a free dating website? Are you emotionally available? Have you tried to meet new people?

These are not questions you should feel you have to answer in this public forum. They are simply questions you might consider asking yourself.

What I am saying is, the tarot and psychics are tools. But they are not set in stone, nor are they ALL. You have free will. Things will not improve unless you MAKE them improve.


I just went to a brilliant Psychic reader in Brisbane...first time face to face in 5 years with one...and only because she was recommended by my sisters.

OMG...she hit on things that you wouldnt get in cards...and I know there is NO WAY my sisters would have told her any of what she brought up with me!. She even told me something I mentioned the day before I saw her!!!!. :bugeyed:

On here, for me, it is a good way to practise and to see others perspectives on cards etc, and sometimes it is good to get different angles, so one is not biasing what s/he gets. It is a good way to learn and a good way to see how different readers work from beginneres to more experienced...free or not.

However, it isnt good to see psychics every 5 secs, and I have come across one girl in Las Vegas that was so hooked on daily readings that she wouldnt leave her apartment unless her Psychic told her what color dress to wear that day. Bit too much!!!! :(

And the thing is...we are meant to experience life and to make choices for ourselves...not everything is meant to be handed over to us on a Psychic platter which is why some, like yourself, are getting mixed answers and results.

If everyone depended on Psychics (or other services like Counselling) for answers...no one would live a fulfilling life, make mistakes, put things down to experience and so forth. There is a difference between being given something as "guidance" and another to believe and hang onto "every word" like it is gospel.

Discernment is what you need a dose of and taking time out. :)


I got several random cards in different snail mails from 'psychics' - anyone can mail 3 random cards to you and claim just about anything if you are gullible enough to fall for their scam.

I agree completely with Miss Macchiato:
"You are seeking [on] what you wish to hear, and when you don't hear it, you are even more miserable.

If you are depressed you need to see someone who treats depression, not just someone who 'tells you something you want to hear' - that only feeds your depression. Why a psychic should be the one to help you when there are many people out there with 12-16 years of schooling in the matter will get you nowhere.


Hi Celestialhorse. OCD and depression are incredibly difficult to live with and my heart goes out to you. I can see that seeking hope and help through non-conventional means is something that we all do from time to time and is especially compelling when other avenues have not helped as much as we had hoped.

Yes, there are scam artists out there and they infect every area of life, not just psychics or spiritual aspects so it behoves us all to take care, be honest with ourselves and learn to discern what is safe and appropriate.

I know one lady who told me that she had spent all her savings on psychics after her 2nd son died. This sad affair came about because she could not accept his death and the greedy psychics kept taking her money instead of being honest with her but even those who were honest, were left behind so that she could seek out another . . . Was it the psychic's fault or hers?

It's a two way street like any relationship and so we have to look at our own part in it all.

Can a psychic give you appropriate advice to help YOU make changes - yes, even the bad ones can sometimes come up trumps. What happens then is up to each of us to make those changes or take that information and carefully consider how it feels, how it pans out etc.

Waiting for the psychic's words to come true is a poor game to play. So much of what even a really good psychic reveals is dependant upon multiple actions and choices that we, ourselves have to make. Likely outcomes will depend on how we change when given that information. If we sit in a darkened room for 6 months waiting, nothing will change.

Our lives and our destines lie in our own hands, fate may guide us but we have to put one foot in front of the other to move forward. What a psychic says can only be a hint or possibility.

I once was privy to a psychic reading for another person. She shared the recording of the reading with me some months after and was resolute in her opinion that the psychic was rubbish and that nothing he had predicted had happened. Yet I could see from a different viewpoint that much of what the psychic had said was true and that she had made a certain choice and it had, indeed panned out the way he implied. The difference was that she only heard what she wanted to and so the rest went unnoticed.

It can often be simply a matter of perspective which is why it is essential that we do the personal development work to get our issues resolved so we can have that wider perspective on life.


As someone who suffers from depression, which has led me to make many mistakes because of it, I'm poison against any who offer quick fixes for it. You don't get spam telling you you can get off your wheelchair because of positive thinking, but depression is an easy target for such scams. I am not totally against holistic or psychic treatments for it, but it is such an easy target I think all such scammers should be (metaphorically) rounded up and shot.

Depression is real, no psychic "life change" can cure it and really, there is no scam that infuriates me more, seriously. Its the cheapest of the cheap and I ended good relationships because I was told to "have positive thoughts and it would go away."

I have no opinion on psychics, but at least where depression is concerned, anyone who says that they have a quick fix is sub-human in my mind, and I feel very strongly about this.


I have read all of your replies and greatly appreciate it, thanks :) I do need to get some help. I even went to the docs and said that I think my medications making more anxious. I didn't mention how I am obsessive compulsive about um, going to new agey people but you' guys are right, time to make a change and yes, it only makes me miserable and eat out my wallet :/ Plus I do need to do more things for myself like yoga, meditation, etc (Even my cards said that). Honestly sometimes my cards confuse me. I just want to get out of my own head sometimes heh. I should do more fun real things, like I volunteer at SPCA, I love it :). I don't get paid, but I like it a lot :).

I think my problem is more than depression, it's anxiety, I am very afraid of what will happen in the future. Am I going to live at the same place in 5 years? Will I have a job, etc and what not? I guess I dunno how to cope but maybe it's the medicine I am on :/

I even tried doing spiritual things like Law of Attraction, I felt it didn't work. So that makes me feel worst XD.

What do you guys do or how you use spirituality to make you feel better about the future?


Hi CelestialHorse,

I always remember this quote "Yesterday is History, Tonorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift, That's why it's called the Present" and also remember that it isn't the size of the gift that matters, but the size of the heart that gives it...

CH it's the power of now, you have to live in the moment! Don't worry about the past as you cannot change it and don't worry about the future as it hasn't happened yet...

About the Law of Attraction - you have to believe to receive. And i mean - feel it, believe it and you will receive it but only if it's truly in your heart (just some advice take it or leave it i don't mind honestly).

Unfortunately there are some psychics out there to prey on vunerable people with scary tactics/talk and please do not be swayed by them. If you need guidance/help we are happy to offer advice on the readings you post. But i know depression/anxiety needs to be treated by a medical professional but always know "you are not alone because i am here with you" that MJ song just sprang to mind for some reason...

Wishing you the best always x