Opinions on psychics


I agree with BlueBonnet.

You need to take time away from psychics. They are not helping you or adding to your enjoyment of life in any way.

You are seeking on what you wish to hear, and when you don't hear it, you are even more miserable.

What are you doing with your life to improve it, or work towards your goals?

I agree w/BB too and as a psychic reader myself, I wish to stress, like I do to all my clients that I can interpret what I see for them and give them some advice on how to proceed with what I do see and tell them, but that I am only human too, and can make mistakes. I'm not flawless. I advise them to listen to what I say and then decide for themselves how to proceed. I really don't want someone to hang on to every single word I say and not act without first checking with me. (I can't live YOUR life for you) That is not accepting responsibility for your life and you need to do that. Its not up to me to tell you if and when you should call Mr. so & so and if he calls you to ask you out if you should go or not.

Go to psychics, if you wish to--but not many different ones in a matter of weeks or months. That is a waste of money and time. Try different psychics if you wish to, sure! but don't hold onto every little word they have, because we are only human and we can and do make mistakes. After going to a psychic, take notes and re-read what the psychic told you. Does it make sense to you? Don't rely on a stranger to tell you how to live your life- you're better off just asking your neighbor that who probably knows you a lot better then the psychic.

What I am saying is, the tarot and psychics are tools. But they are not set in stone, nor are they ALL. You have free will. Things will not improve unless you MAKE them improve.
Exactly and well said! I always end my readings with my clients telling them that nothing is set in stone and that they alone have the ability to make the decisions in their life--they have free will. It is up to them and all that I see for them may or may not occur, its just how I interpreted the symbols I got for them.

Hi CelestialHorse,

I always remember this quote "Yesterday is History, Tonorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift, That's why it's called the Present" and also remember that it isn't the size of the gift that matters, but the size of the heart that gives it...
I LOVE THIS! :thumbsup:

Unfortunately there are some psychics out there to prey on vunerable people with scary tactics/talk and please do not be swayed by them. If you need guidance/help we are happy to offer advice on the readings you post. But i know depression/anxiety needs to be treated by a medical professional but always know "you are not alone because i am here with you" that MJ song just sprang to mind for some reason...

Yes, this is an unfortunate truth and I would advise you to stay far away from anyone who sends you post cards telling you things like "Come Sept. 28 "OH YOU GOT BIG CHANGES ON THE WAY". That is a huge sign that this psychic is most likely not going to give you a 'true' reading. Don't waste your money on people like this. In fact, stay far away from them. Also stay far away from psychics who tell you that for another $50.00 (or whatever) they can give you a magic potion to bring *true love* your way, or fix this problem or that. Stay away from them too, because that is a huge red flag of 'BEWARE! MONEY SEEKING PSYCHIC HERE!'

I go to a psychic, and generally I see her once a year. Sometimes, I miss a year in between, and it has been 2yrs now since my last visit to her. I have also been read by another psychic-who was also very good--at a tea shop when I had my tea leaves read. So, I do try others psychics but I usually end up going back to the one I see once a year.

I think perhaps you need to take a break for awhile and not see a psychic. Then when you go, just be open to see what they see for you and really think about it. Don't go with any expectations to get all the answers to all your issues by this person--you'll never get that. Far better to go for fun and then if and when things that were predicted come to be-enjoying that you had such a cool reading!


Yeah I agree, sounds good :D What is up with psychics saying give me $20 or whatever for a spell or candle work? D: I know I did one with a "friend" that is psychic that I thought I could trust, he said oh I would get closer to someone if we do the candle. Well uh, been over half a year and nothing! >.>

Yeah I need to find one I can trust, now with that, it's a waiting game to see what happens, who is right :)

I do need a break yes, plus I want to save up money :p I kinda over spend so I rather wait until I get a job :) Plus, they probably feed on my anxiety and depression and like that I am those things XD

The crowned one

I can honestly say I have never meet a accurate psychic, I have meet a couple good ones, they had a good "act" but never accurate beyond the obvious.


I can honestly say I have never meet a accurate psychic, I have meet a couple good ones, they had a good "act" but never accurate beyond the obvious.

interesting. I've met a few. The first one was a psychic tarot card reader who gave me my future husbands initials--all 3 of them in the right order. She also described him accurately and said it would be a whirlwind romance, which it was! A mutual friend would introduce us, she said. Months later, though I had forgotten all this, I ran into a friend who introduced me to her work friends and I got to know my 'future' husband and everything else fell into place. It wasn't until months later that I came across my paperwork from that reading that I remembered all this, as did my sisters who also had readings that day. :)

She also read for my sister, and told her about her future husband and what he did for a living and that she knew him already, but has not seen him in years, even though there is still a connection between the two of them. turned out, it was a guy we went to school with and my sister was working with his mother. she met him at a party at his moms house, and well, the rest is history! and all the psychic told her came true too.

I am currently seeing a psychic, who predicted a lot of things for me over the years that have come to be. She is pretty darn accurate.

Then, there are the psychics I've met here. I had one here on AT who did a reading for me and predicted all about my daughters future husband and inlaws and children. Still coming true and all she said (and did a drawing for me of it) was extremely accurate! Even things I didn't know about at the time.

we recently did a reading on a psychic circle for a woman who is a neighbor of mine. no one knew her and she was not present at the circle and we got great results there too.

so, yeah, I know a lot of psychics who are very accurate. I've had a few of my own clients tell me the same thing, that I am very accurate too. Are we accurate 100% of the time? no, of course not. but then there are those times when we are very accurate!


I'm really sorry to hear that CelestialHorse. I suffer from a great deal of anxiety issues and at one stage also became very addicted to paying for readings. I have worked through it and you can get readings for the 'wrong reasons'. If you are very anxious you really want to know about the future. You want security and you want someone to tell you that things will get better and everything will be okay. Like other people have said on the thread. But in my experience I wanted different people to tell me that over and over again. It's like looking for relief and security somehow. I am not sure if psychics are genuine or not or getting a reading from someone if they are or not but you sadly you can't spend all your money on their reassurance.

This happened before I started posting here and I drew up a list of strict rules for my situation. I do still pay for readings from a couple of people but much less. just like 2 or 3 paid readings a year. They are like "treats" in reward for something. I also made a rule that with my own tarot reading I would ask no question about my own life or situation more than once a month or less if nothing changed in that situation. I also don't pay for and don't ask here and don't do for myself the same readings on the same things over and over because you just confuse yourself with different predictions and analysis of what you are asking.

Like others have said seek professional help. There is many avenues and its a little experimental finding what makes your anxiety better. Its different for every person but its something you need to work through for you personally. I found a whole lot of therapies and medication to be useless in my situation but some things do help. My Dr knows my progress with updates anyway and I think that is important.

As well as the professional route you can do things for yourself. Reading books about anxiety and meditation and relaxation has helped me. Also books on mindfulness and staying in the present "moment". Every single human being has anxiety about the future and what will happen. We fear what we don't know. We can't plan for everything. But when you have anxiety and depression this becomes much more acute. From reading books about this I realise that my thoughts are always travelling to the past or the future. Remembering how bad something went or having fear of the future. But I always forget the present right now! At my worst I spent so much time in thoughts going forwards and back I would miss major things happening around me :)

Like I say seeing many psychics is a way of bringing reassurance that things will be okay but its a false security really. You need to learn to trust that you will be okay in life on your own. As well as getting professional help I think for my own personal route that tarot has a role to play. I have to becareful about using it for yes and no questions and predictively too much. But it can be good for exploring who you are and helping you with that. There is some great spreads and you are far from alone from suffering from anxiety and depression.

this is a great small anxiety spread that I know many people here use - http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?t=177836 some people even do it daily, what will help? what will make it worse? what new thing should I try? great use of tarot.

Anyway don't spend all your money on it, try and cut down if you can :)
telling myself whatever happens I will be okay is also really useful for me, whatever has happened in the past I have been okay, so that must be true about the future too. hope things get better for you and you are far from alone on this!