Oracle and tarot geneic message


So guys I've been wondering about the development of my love life at the moment as I feel open and better then I ever have. I've included an image below on my reading.

My Question I asked is what message do I need to know about the development of my love life?

No set positions - using the llwellyn deck and healing with the angles
oracle side

Romance - The Angeles are addressing and assisting you with your romantic needs. Ask for help and accept the angles help with your love life."

Manifestation - You have manifestated new opportunities and abundance. Know that you can experience these gifts right now.

Playfulness -fun and play is the angles way they guide you to add fun into your life and to know fun is a necessity not a luxury.

New love - A new chapter in your love life begins, whether it is with a new partner or re kindled love in a current relationship (I'm single)

Tarot side

Lovers - Romance - Partner - Choices - Cross roads
Page of swords - news - change - adaptation
Nine of cups- wishes- satisfaction - fulfilment
Ace of pentalces - new beginnings - emotionally stable , luck and recognition

My take

Romance and lovers - I feel this is telling me that there's a romance coming my way but it's my choice on if my angles offer/help or not. I feel they're assisting me with this problem and trying to find a solution but I need to be open to the solution.

Manifestation and Page off swords - I feel it's telling me that because I've requested help and I've written lists of my ideal man (and who wouldn't be my ideal woman) and I've asked my angles for what I'd desire I've started to manifest a new chapter in my life. I feel this combination is telling me a change is finally coming and I need to be ready for it because I've been waiting a long time.

Playfulness and nine of cups- I feel these two combinations are telling me to keep wishing and to keep dreaming. My ideal romance is being heard and mandisstated slowly but I need to have fun with this partner and by myself. I need to realise life isn't always about work. I should start dancing again and having me time.

New love and ace of pentalces - I feel this combination is telling me that there's a start for a. New chapter coming to me romantically, 'maybe it's someone who I won't admit that I have feelings for or an old friend who I thought didn't like me in that way. I feel it's telling me it's coming because I'm slowly becoming more emotionally stable and happier in myself.

overall I feel

It's telling me that romance is on the way, I just need to keep wishing and manifesting it but it's coming soon. I feel it's telling me I need to play I need to dance and let my hair down and make sure everything's okay



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