Oracle de Belline: Card 11: Betrayal


French Name: Trahison.

Number: 11.

Planet: Moon.

Appearance: A black cat in a bad mood.

Keywords: Treachery, Independence, False friends.

Personal Notes: I'm pretty sure Edmond wasn't much of a cat person :p. In contrast to Thought/Friendship's loyal dog, Betrayal's cat is more likely to look out for itself. The cat's bared teeth, raised hackles, and extended claws send a clear message: back off!



I just got the Belline and I draw this card when I interviewed the deck. This card answered the question "how would you describe yourself ?"
I totally agree with your feeling : I also felt very clearly that the message was "back off !".
The previous day, as an answer to the same question, I drew "wickedness"...


Seems like your deck has quite an attitude! Hope it doesn't give any bad readings when you need it.


Actually, my only readings were two interviews, and the two were the same :
What do you have to offer ? Inconstancy
What are your strengths ? Loss & theft
How can you help me ? Ruin...
And so on.

I felt so disturbed that I asked my pendulum what was wrong and what to do, and what I got was to get rid of the deck asap. That's very strange. I still have the deck but I must say I don't feel really comfortable.