Oracle de Belline: Card 35: Enemies


French Name: Ennemis.

Number: 35.

Planet: Mars.

Appearance: A snake coiled around a sword.

Keywords: Adversity, Underhandedness, Danger.

Personal Notes: The snake is an ancient symbol of unholiness in the West, ever since Nachash tricked Eve into partaking of the Fruit of Knowledge. This also connects to the more positive symbol of the snake as the awakener, as in the Hindu Kundalini. The sword points upward, so all of the forces in this card are active. The snake's tongue is out, shaped like the arrow in the symbol of Mars. But enemies should beware. The serpent will bite anyone who dares take up the sword against it, but should it coil too tightly around the blade, it will be cut to pieces. You can be your own worst enemy.