Oracle de Belline: Card 41: Heritage


French Name: Héritage.

Number: 41.

Planet: Jupiter.

Appearance: A vanitas. From left to right, an hourglass, an unrolled parchment, and a skull.

Keywords: Legacy, Transmission, Passage.

Personal Notes: A really somber card for Jupiter! For those who aren't art history nerds, vanitases (doesn't sound right, but Google says so) are still-life portraits with the theme of the transience of worldly things. But in a world where everything is impermanent, things have to keep moving. When the hourglass runs out, it gets flipped over. The written words of past generations are still full of life. In the fossilized bones of long dead primates, we can see the preserved likeness of our own ancestors. Things from the past stay as a heritage for the future.