Oracle of the Dreamtime-Crocodlie-Soul's purpose


I had a revelation about the crocodile card, let me know what you think!
Crocodile 36

I see Crocodile as a grumpy old man, but more than that, a wise grumpy old sage that if you show respect to, you will find what you need to know from him.
And what you will find is this: your soul's purpose!
It's in the Dreaming-the past where Crocodile man got the goannas trying to stay in the water, and in doing so, discovered their skills and abilities and allocated their 'place' as a result.

The goannas were willing to do as he suggested to help him, and in doing so, uncovered their destiny!

Crocodiles are said to be living dinosaurs, they have connections to a very primal and ancient power.
They are protective and nurturing mothers, so understand vulnerability.

They have a reputation for being man eaters, but if man stayed out of their way, there would be no reason for their attacks, so here we can see the element of keeping things in its place once again.

The card also shows the need for honesty and looking within, as the crocodile man was deceived by the bird people, but he needed to look within and see why they would feel the need to decieve him and leave him behind.

I know there is so much more to this card, to me its energies are very ancient, containing much wisdom about teh order or nature of things.

Let me know what you think.



I know this is an old thread.... but I find Crocodile problematic for me.... I am even naughty enough to remove this old Master so I am not troubled by him... lol The insight I had from your interpretation Sharon, was - how to word it - his imperfection or "humanity" (and I was accused of anthropomorphism constantly thru editing the book!) ... his negative traits blinded me to his wisdom and elder status. I love your interpretation....

I gave a reading last week, first time in years ( ? ! ) and of course, our brother the Crocodile made an appearance. Then I started stumbling and umming... lol I did make a point Crocodile engenders respect thru cutting thru all the BS, he might seem hard but it is thru the tests and limitations and being "mean-spirited" we grow and hence gain respect for our situation... I felt this was a little leap within myself, a glimmer... thankyou this interprettaion has given me food for thought and understanding!



This is a great thread, I live in Australia and on a number of occassions have encountered very big ancient wise crocodiles in the wild and in parks... it is true, they are mulitfaceted, swift, dangerous, sly and hungry, primative, ancient and wise, they dont let something affect them today, they have been here for soo long.. I think they are one of my totem animals.. well they lend themselves to a sort of tense friendship around me anyway ;)

Id like to comment on the ummm ahhh noise you got within the reading, IMHO is the way the crocodile starts to talk, in your minds eye, a bit like the way the gyuto monks chant, but it usually starts with a deep groan ummm ahhhh sort of sound, in a way we can judge that noise as 'not hearing' what the symbol has to say, where we just have to give it more time..

Yep a wonderful card - sybmol!