Oracle of Visions: Card One


I am going to "name" these cards as I study them as it will help me remember the meanings. I like the idea that the author indicates that the images were made for flexible interpretation and while offering meanings the reader is also encouraged to develop their own. And in accord with my own beliefs, meanings may change or shift somewhat depending on the reading.

The Dreamer:

I call this card The Dreamer. As you look at her she has her eyes closed and she has her robe clutched to herself., She looks a bit vulnerable. Our dreams all make us a bit vulnerable. At the same time it is not only a card of dreams but a card of possibilities. The tarot cards and the open box with doves creates for me a sense of new beginnings. Of taking flight and moving in new directions.

The book suggests a "letting go of the past" but to me this is redundant as all new beginnings include a level of letting go. In life nothing stays the same and as we continue the journey through life there will be many small (and large) endings. Endings are what create beginnings, without one there cannot be the other.

This is a card of dreams, of beginnings, of possibilities and also a sense of vulnerability.

You can see an image of the card HERE


I think that being card number one helps to reinforce the "new beginnings" meaning of the card - the start of something.
I look at the symbols -
Doves - Doves are released by magicians - and can be transformed and created from nothing ie - pulling a rabbit out of a hat, turning a scarf into a dove.
Full Moon - Cycles, seasons turning and the effect this has on us and how it begins and ends in a rhythm.
Tree - as with the moon, cycles and seasons. death and rebirth.

I'm wondering about the fact shes wearing what would be assumed to be a jesters hat, the box that the doves are coming from and the wand and cards at her feet and the fact that the trees are behind a fence?


Just been looking more deeply into this card and I see a women in a dreamlike state or maybe deep in thought of what might be, what magic could there be in her life. It's like she's imagining the magic, or maybe just the doves as she's in need of love?


I feel that this represents vulnerability. The woman is taking a leap of faith in revealing who she's been hiding. The golden light is an indication of her 'new dawn,' which will bring her abundance.