Oracle of Visions: Card Three


Well I have just encountered my first problem with "naming the cards". I called Card one The Dreamer and then discover that Card Three is also about Dreams....hmmm......

I do see the two as different though. Card one is about beginnings, dreams and hopes, is the newness of anything...fresh starts......while I see card three as about dreams of a more spiritual nature...or perhaps even the essence of messages sent to us in dreams....I call this card...

Spiritual Escape...

It is about dreams that help us focus on our journey through life, what is our is about intentional living...and how do we do that? Through meditation, self awareness and taking the time to seek our spiritual connections.

This is a jester card....and it reminds me that sometimes we fool ourselves into thinking we are on the right track but really we are being led astray. It is about seeking guidance and listening to self. REALLY listening and not just charging ahead as if we know everything there is to know. See the mouse running up and down the stick? Are we like that? Running blindly around?

There are other creatures there too and lessons to be learned from them....the butterfly about transformation...the frog about living in the water of our emotions,

These are just my beginning thoughts about this card and I am interested to read other peoples thoughts about it.

You can see the card: HERE


Personally, I feel this card has a kind of innocence to it. All the animals featured are generally lower on the food chain, and remind me of children's story books. I took this card to mean the beginning of a spiritual, or personal journey. She looks like she's thinking quietly while the zodiac wheels and animals are approaching her.

Now that I think of it, lots of these animals represent rebirth; the toad, monarch, salmon, and dragonfly especially. I think that supports the "entering a new spirituality" idea. Though, I feel it could certainly be interpreted as a new life, or the saying "as one door closes another door opens."

Finally, I'm really drawn to what she's wearing, or not. Building off your idea of the fool, it looks as though she's dropped her batons, and started to remove her jester attire. Perhaps this could be reflective of a maturing somewhere in the stages of life.


The zodiac wheel to me is a suggestion of the year a head and she's pausing before it starts, almost like she has a good idea of what is going to happen but wants to gather herself together beforehand. It's like she's having a break from life before s new life begins, a bit like going to uni and having a gap year


There's a sense of understanding the cycle of time and a connection to the universe. Oneness. The woman is contemplating her place in the fabric of life, keeping her life simple, being centered.