Oracle of Visions: Card Two


This is one where the author sees this card in a much more positive light than I do...again these are simply my thoughts and how I will read the card....others will see things in a different way and that is wonderful because that means the card resonates with them in a different way....

Card Two: The Pretender

I'm calling this card The Pretender

When I first looked at this card the biggest thing that jumped out at me is she is pretending to be something she is not. I think she looks a bit snooty. As if by becoming part of this group she has somehow elevated herself or her standing.

The author contemplates that this is a card about belonging, assimilation and acceptance. While I do see those things in this card I am constantly drawn to the question of how much of ourselves we give up in such a process? Included in the book is the idea that this might be a spiritual transformation, that she is one with the group she has joined. Again this does not resonant with me. I see this as a falsehood, as accepting something for the mere benefit of "belonging".

A spiritual transformation comes from within and does not include "covering" ones own face to be similar to those we choose to join. Yes I realize there are ceremonies (many Native American where people cover their faces to become one with the animal spirit they are portraying), I don't see this as that type of ceremony. One is to learn a lesson while this one seems simply a way to "become" part of a group.

Others may certainly interpret this card differently, I am simply explaining my own personal thoughts about this image and how I will use it in readings.

Everyone wants to belong so one must always be conscious of whether we "truly" fit with this new group, this new personae, this new role we are taking on or if it is really hiding and destroying our true self.

This card is about pretending, covering your true self to fit in and longing to belong so much that you might give up a bit of yourself to fit in.

You may see an image of the card HERE


To me this card is about trying to fit in, even if it means changing essentially who you are. It's probably more of a warning card, warning of getting mixed up with the wrong people, telling you to be yourself, you don't have to drink or take drugs because your friends are sort of thing, do what YOU want even if it means finding new friends


I feel different things with this card: 1. A sign someone's head is in the clouds, not grounded; 2. Thoughts are in a resting stage; 3. A mother aspect, teaching children how to behave, be regal, poised.