Oranum - advice, thoughts, opinions, etc?


Thank you for sharing your experiences, I will definitely keep them in mind and after awhile of getting my 'foot into the door' so to speak will seek others if things start to go south.


$15 an hour (or $.25 per minute) is up there in terms of payment. I would really scrutinize the terms of payment before you agree. Often the thing that has tripped people up with these services (not just Oranum) is that payment schedules for readers tended to be irregular. For example: only being paid once you had reached a certain amount of money rather than on a regular schedule. I am fairly certain it was Oranm that was doing that but it has been a while since I have heard that said.

The one thing in favor of the arrangement you mention is that it's for the free rooms. The few times I have checked out the Oranum channels it has seemed like readers were having to sit online talking to people for free without getting a client to go o a paid session. If they are truly paying that rate to be in the free room (and most people think everything online should be free) that wouldn't be horrible.

One other note, I believe they are particular about having an HD webcam.