OSHO Zen Tarot Study Group: XX Beyond Illusion...

Indigo Rose

"The butterfly in this card represents the outer, that which is constantly moving and that which is not real but an illusion. Behind the butterfly is the face of consciousness, looking inward to that which is eternal. The space between the two eyes had opened, revealing the lotus of spiritual unfoldment and the rising sun of awareness. Through the rising of the inner sun, mediation is born."Osho Zen Tarot, by Osho


Judith D

The opening of the third eye and the rising of the sun of awareness allows us to see that we must always look within for the truth. All else is illusion - dependent upon projection, judgment, perception.
The book says the butterfly represents illusion, but for me butterflies will always make me think of transformation. This also fits neatly here, though, as we must transform our normal habits, thoughts and actions to reach the realisation of awareness.
There are many bubbles of light in the background of the card - the light of truth, of new ideas, of opportunities once we can find our true nature.


I think that it is such a challenge to just sit still. Whenever I have seen a butterfly, it is fluttering about, so to see one still, and still be alive is miraculous...for me.
I love to meditate, and I find it a sound source for connection and peace. Many times it will lead me to another 20-30 minutes of just lying awake in silence afterwards. It is true, perception is altered somewhat, enough to sense things in a different way. So this card, for me, represents receptiveness to the Universe, Guides, Angels, whatever, whoever you call upon for help and assurance...thing is, you first must be still...physically, emotionally, mentally, still.


I can appreciate the out-of-focus stars in the background. It reminds me that to meditate one must free the mind of a single solitary purpose & just "be."


This card answers, and challenges, the Judgement card in the XX. slot in the major arcana.

I think it is saying that the judgment that is important is solely our own. We need to work out our own salvation with diligence.


Beyond illusion.....XX (20)

take a moment to breath........gently with eyes softly focused on this card........Look beyond the surface of the card.......
what do you see behind the butterfly.......beyond the image you see.....?

hold that for up to 15-20 seconds...then slowly close your eyes and look within self....... beyond the stars....... write down what you see, no judgement..... use discernment -just the facts........

What does this card make you feel now....?

This part of the journey is so close to the end, you have learnt so much... how do feel compared to the beginning of your journey......reflection on the past path is so important, once you understand what you have achieveed you can move forward to completion ....

Blessed Be!


This is a fundamental card for Zen (although not the only one to make this point): "The card reminds us not to look outside for what is real, but to look within."