osho zen...


i sat in on a friend's reading recently, where this was the deck used...i was really impressed!
previously, i had not given the deck much of a chance, because i had been told that the "clouds" suit was very negative, that it is so non-traditional that it is practically "not tarot," and, of course, there's that "bagwhan" card! last year, i even had the set (i'd found a good deal on a used one) for a little while, then i passed it on to a friend.
now, after seeing the cards in action, i really like them! i also had the opportunity to further discuss them with the reader after the session; she's used these cards for over five years, and she offered some great insight that encouraged me to re-examine this deck.
therefore, i've decided to give the osho zen tarot another try. i'm not going to use the "master" card, though. :p
i'd like to hear from other tarotists who have any experience and/or opinions to share about this deck...


Metaz: Welcome back!! I thought I'd seen you around :)
I was attracted to the artwork on the deck, especially on some of the Majors. That & the recommendation of a good friend influenced my purchase of it; however, I had an instant dislike of the "Master" card so left it aside, never include it in the deck when I use it. I see the card as a portrait that is extremely well-executed as it seems to capture the essence of the person. I do not like the eyes; & the card feels too dark.
I've used the deck with varying degrees of success--I'm able to use it for others more successfully than for myself.
I know of others who swear by it; it is their primary deck.


when i 1st got the osho zen 2 years ago, i loved all the cards but the "master" card. this card so gave me the creeps that i couldn't even read the deck even tho initial readings w/ it were good. then i found out about osho being bhagwan and i understood why i was so repulsed by the card. there is a kind of "rebuttal" to bhagwan deck out there called "songs for the journey home". the artist and writer of this deck were former and now disllusioned members of his commune in australia. songs is like how they healed themselves of his influence. the deck is far lighter than the OZ. i haven't done much reading w/ it but i think it's a good deck. if you want to check the songs deck out, i'm certain someone here has the addy to their website. i've had some counseling here at aecletic the past 6 monthes or so on separating bhagwan from the osho zen. ;) i feel like i am recovering from my osho repulsion and getting to the point i can take out osho zen and not hold bhagwan's personal darkness against an otherwise well done deck. it has taken some introspection tho. i took out the deck in the first time in a year and admired it this past weekend. i'm considering just burning or burying the bhagwan card but i haven't decided to do that or just storing it away from the rest of the deck. :-o


Give the deck another chance. I like this deck. It always has something to say. I never felt that the Master card belongs with the deck, but don't have any negative feelings toward Osho. I have read some of his books and thought they were quite good. Esp 'No Water No Moon'.

Anyway, back to the deck. I think its a really good deck for beginners, for meditation, and also for general readings. It's only when I have a specific question in mind that it falls short. But that's okay, because it's really beautiful.

Even my non-tarot friends have this deck.


So funny you bring this deck up. A friend of mine earlier this week told me about this tarot deck & when I checked it out on Aelectic, i fell in love with it, as did another friend of mine.

I did a Google search so I could see more of the deck & saw that Master card & did feel a bit weirded out by it. And I"ve been doing the Osho.com one card readings each day. It is really on the money the cards I've been getting.

I thought it was Bhagwan when I saw his pics on osho.com. And you guys haev confiremed it for me. i was really young when the Orange People/Rhajneeshies were big - they had a commune up in Pemberton, WA. I remeber be sacred of that cult though, I guess when you're young you'll take 60 minutes truthfully. I remeber MA Sheila as well.

Its so funyn cause the quotes of his on his website talk about so many cool things, which I agree with & he even mentions how he wasn't out to make a religion.

Still the artwork is amazing & I really think they're a great deck. So far I only have the Shakespearian. I'd also love to get the Witches one, but this one really catches my eye. It is weird to think though that the guy Osho with the cool philopshpies & all started a weird sex cult.


I've not purchased this deck, but have been very attracted to it. But I've never heard of bhagwan...whatever that is.

I guess I'll do some internet research and see what I come up with.

I've also had the readings from the Osho Zen site that hit the mark...another reason I was attracted by the deck. But primarily I love the artwork.



I enjoy the osho zen cards, but have to admit that Osho himself bugs me. I've read several of his books (cause a friend of mine was convinced I just wasn't getting it - so I should keep trying) and found him rather sexist. He was just a little too dualistic in his thinking on many subjects. I also found him quite judgmental - so.......... when I use the cards, I don't use the book ........ it's a happy compromise!


Ever since I purchased this deck and used it a few times it has been my primary deck. I simply took the master card out of the deck and threw it out, since it so clearly did not fit.... haven't missed it a bit.
I find the deck very spiritual, and that the readings are less specific but address problems on an unusual level. The results have been very satisfying.
I am puzzled by the comment that the Clouds suit is negative. No more so than Swords, and in fact it seems to show the positive side of the Swords suit in some of the images. Clouds are referring to the Mind. The images speak to normal 'thinking', by which they refer to the almost non-stop stream of nonsense that streams through your mind, not for example concentrated problem-solving thinking. The Clouds suit urges towards calmness and true conciousness rather than stress, worry, judementalism (is that a word?).
To me it is Tarot.... not something cut out of a plumber's catalogue :-D .... but the Zen influence is unmistakable. But most Tarot decks have some spiritual or religious overlay, including RW.


I agree with Marion about the suit of Clouds in this deck. They do not appear unduly negative. They seem to represent the "stream of consciousness" or mental concept where most traditional decks do not. Technically, our minds are always "on"--until we die. There is qualitative brain or mental activity even if we are "not home". Of course, the "quality" point may be debatable :D
The idea that Swords are the most negative suit may derive from their qualities & associations. For example: a sword is a weapon, an instrument of violence (as well as a phallic symbol). The suit is associated with communications: verbal, written or thoughts. Words can cut or wound like a sharp edge. On the other hand, a sword can cut to the truth by cutting away what is superfluous & get right to "the point". A sword can represent truth or knowledge, action or decision. Knowledge is attributed as being a 2-edged "sword". Knowledge used rightly is a boon; wrongly is dangerous.
The view may depend upon the viewer & the understanding or personal experiences underlying it.


The first time I saw this deck was my first professional Tarot reading, one that changed my life. I pulled the clouded mind card 13 times. About 5 times in a row, from a fully shuffled deck that was spread out in front of me. After that session, I had to find the deck, though i didn't know the name, and only remembered the one card.
My girlfriends mother and father gave me the deck (with a little help from the girlfriend!) for my birthday, which is honestly the best present I have ever gotten.
I leave the Master card (anyone else get chuckles here?) in the deck. Why? I find that if you just believe in something it will eventually show you the way. So instead of trying to force the deck to be something less than what it is I try to accept the card and the fact that apparently it took just one more card to explain what was going on. I see the Master as a card that represents a Teacher, not just Osho, and also paying attention to the root of the issue..