OshoZen: 3 of Water (Cups)

Briar Rose

OshoZen: 3 of Water (Cups)

3 Women dancing.

Did anyone see the movie, "The Point?" It's narrated by Ringo Star, Mike Lookingland (Brandy Bunch little kid) and Wolf Man Jack do voice.

All throughout the movie, Obleo, banished into The Pointless Forest, bcause he was the only one in the Kingdom born without a point on his head, kept running into 3 fat ladies, dancing. In the beginning he didn't understand it. Then after he went through all the characters, making his way through the Forest, he realised,

we're meant to be happy. It's through merryment and the celebration of life were we find our self.

Judith D

The message could not be clearer - celebrate life, even when the rain falls and the puddles rise. In fact, especially then!
The three women dance with abandon, sharing a moment of true joy. It is a time to rejoice and be happy, to share and connect.
But, as the book reminds us, always remember to stop: don't go to the extreme. A little foolishness and a little wisdom is good.
This is again very similar to the traditional 3 of cups.


I read somewhere----I think in a book I'm reading about destructive emotions and the experiments done with the Dalai Llama in attendance---that Buddhists from other countries wonder why Buddhists in America take their spiritual practices, so seriously. Buddhists elsewhere are much more inclined to have fun and see things with a sense of humor and to laugh more. I guess it's our Puritanical roots.

I've been through a lot in my life and if it weren't for my ability to see the funny side of things and to splash in the puddles of life, I'd not be alive today. During the worst times I've been through, I've still been able to laugh somewhere during it. Somewhere I've read that that's a defense mechanism, but whatever it is, it works.


I remember when I first started yoga, and having trouble holding some of the poses...falling over even, and laughing with embarassment. The yoga instructor encouraged laughter, especially during times when we bluntered, as it were. Reason being because it's about enjoying the senses, the motion and freedom of it all, especially when it's not "perfect".

Judith D

Lama Yeshe Rinpoche, who was here in South Africa recently to do the refuge ceremonies and see how things were going here, is full of laughter and smiles - his whole body lights up with it, and he makes everyone laugh with him because of his attitude. He has given us a relaxation technique which is taught here, because he says he cannot understand why westerners are so tense and stressed.
I absolutely agree with both of you - a sense of humour is vital. I also don't care if it is a defense, without it I would be lost. And I find yoga tremendously funny too, otherwise I think we would have to shut ourselves up in individual rooms to practice!

Alan Ross

This card reminds me of the lyrics from a song, "Under a Dark Sky," by The Shroud from their album "Long Ago and Far Away":

"Leave behind the hearth and home
The cold hands of the wind reach inside, warm my heart
High on a hill near the sky...

Wake in the night by the call of the wind
It pulls like the moon at the core of my heart
The storm alone I know...

The rainfall brushes my skin like a kiss
Its dark touch sends a chill down my neck, takes my breath
Driven hard by the wind...

Comfort pales beside the wild call
The cold hands of the wind reach inside, wake my soul
The stinging rain like caresses to me...

Feel the wind blow shrieking wordless of love under a dark sky
Torrents lashing thunder pounding my heart under a dark sky... "

It's good to dance in the rain occasionally. It's good to take a break from whatever dramas you've been experiencing and celebrate simply being alive. When we can adopt a bigger perspective and be with a sunset, draw down the moon, or soak in the fury of a storm, we can escape the narrow concerns of our ego and immerse ourselves in the grandeur of the Universe with joy and gratitude.


Life is a celebration. I believe in feeling young & acting young. This is how I celebrate life.

Judith D

Hello kilts_knave - how nice you have joined in. Now I can revisit all these cards and remember them without benefit of the book!
It is a shame, I think, how often people equate maturity with seriousness, as if you aren't allowed to act goofy and enjoy yourself as you get older - you have to be dignified. And then if you do let go and have real fun, it's denigrated as childishness rather than childlikeness. Quite different. My body can no longer dance with such abandon (well, not for long, anyway) but my mind can, and I fully intend to encourage it every day.


I love the sense of joy that this card has. It seems very similar structurally to the RWS 3 of Cups, except for the rain.

It is nice to see a card where cloudy weather is not a symbol of Monkey Mind.