OshoZen; 4 of Water (Cups)

Briar Rose

OshoZen; 4 of Water (Cups)
Turning In

The card shows a woman sitting, calm is the look on her face, with figures in the background.

The ghosts of our mind?

This card tell me to become an observer in the mind.

This is such a challenge for me when I meet up with an opposition in life. When I can do it at that time in life, I don't feel my feathers so ruffled.

Judith D

If I had those nasty, frightening faces as the antics of my mind, I don't know whether I would be able to be slightly amused about it! I certainly hope that the things that come up for me in meditation will be more mixed, with at least some friendly loving thoughts that I can watch and let go by me.
However, I like the fact that surrounding her head and reaching upwards is a blue light - like the blue of the seventh chakra - dividing and separating those thoughts and perhaps pushing them away. The reds and pinks of her robe are like the colours of the lower chakras - more grounded that the imaginations of her mind. She looks so calm and serene and relaxed as she sits, lost to the real world.
I like the concept that the turning in has to be effortless, otherwise it is still directed out from ourselves. Turning in is being at home with oneself as one is already.


I associate this not so much with meditation, but the challenge of being aware while in the middle of the mundane.
I'm given to negative thinking so easily that meditation affords me the ability to catch myself and change my way of thinking in a moment. I'm getting better at it as I go.
For me, the "time out" helps, regardless for where you are, there is a need to step back a bit just to get your footing. The stillness helps, and the knowing that one is able to connect to Source energy at any given moment helps as well.

Alan Ross

I'm always amazed by how busy my mind is. Sometimes I just want to shout "Shut up!" to all the vioces in my head. It doesn't do any good. They just keep chattering away. Meditation has taught me that the best way to quiet the mind is by being mindfully aware of all thoughts, feelings, and sensations without clinging to any of them. It's a lesson I'm still learning, over and over again.

Meditation is batting practice for the baseball game of life. Meditation teaches us how to maintain alert awareness of what we are experiencing without clinging, judging, or grasping. We can do the same thing in life. We can learn to be alert and aware, without being pulled by our desires and aversions, without chasing comfort or avoiding discomfort, without caring about happiness or unhappiness. Just staying centered and being okay with whatever is happening in the present moment.


I've always had those voices in my head. I call them The Committee. :p They sound a lot like my mother and my abusive relationships.

The message of this card to me in spreads is that it's time to go within and let the voices flow on by without hurting and influencing me anymore. It's an extremely hard battle I've fought all my life, and going within is the best way of observing them flowing on by without being toxic to my life anymore.


Omigod. I love this card. It is the antidote, or the opposite, or the mirror, of the suffering soul depicted in the 8 of Clouds, besieged by her thoughts.

The sitter in the 4 of Water has detachment from the antics of her mind; they have no effect on her; she sits serene. What is the difference between the situations of the two women? Only their attitude toward their own thoughts.

I think this is a spectular way to convey the essence of vipassana meditation in art. This is a card that makes me very happy just to look at.


To me, the faces around the woman who is zen represent others. To me this card represent being able to stay focused on yourself and to be careless of the negative opinions that the people around you might have about you.