OshoZen 9 of Water (Cups)

Briar Rose

OshoZen 9 of Water (Cups) :T9C

Man on overstuffed chair, sitting with drink in hand.

Does over sized chair represent his ego?

Well, it's about to be shattered cause the mirrors are cracking behind him.

However great the book's explanation reads I do hope my final destination in any area of my life is a poolside resort!!!!!

I get it, really. Don't rest on your laurels.


Yeah, I'm hoping for a nice beach house, myself.

I never thought of that fat cushion as the guy's ego, lol, so true! For some reason, when I looked at the pic, I thought that was ice cracking beneath his bum, sometimes I still think that. Thanks for mentioning it is, in fact, a mirror. Yes, this is how I have felt when I thought I've reached a point of spiritual understanding, that there couldn't be anything more to "know". I can be such an ass sometimes, lol!
This guy is about to fall into a harsh reality of sorts, even his umbrella is cracking. This card justifies all the reasons I never really liked RWS 9 of Cups, way too comfortable, and satisfied with all that has been accomplished, even arrogant. It's always good to acknowledge all that one has done..."you've come a long way baby!"
The key is to remember there are still so many mountains yet to conquer...if not, life has a way of making a crooked path, straight.


This card reminds me that it's the journey that counts, not the destination.

I used to think that someday, I was finally going to get "there" and then everything would be wonderful forever. But there is no "there". Life is full of high places after travelling the low places, but none of them is forever. Just as the saying "this too shall pass" applies to the low places, it also applies to the high places.

In my early years of sobriety, I'd come through a gruelling phase of recovery and get to a place of serenity and contentment, and then some old-timer would wink and tell me "this too shall pass". :p I hated that. Sure enough, "this too" did pass, alright, and I'd be in another difficult phase of recovery, having to work through that one to get to the next patch of serenity.

The guy on this card has gotten complacent, not realizing he's due for a wake-up call shortly.

Judith D

I love the idea of the overstuffed cushions representing his ego.
He shows the dangers of complacency if you believe you have "got there' and can now sit back and relax with no more to do. His whole world is fracturing just behind him and he cannot even see or hear it - yet.
There is hope for the future in the white bird, though, and at least the mirrors are not breaking underneath him too.
He really does look overindulgent doesn't he - big arms, big legs, big tummy (what we would call a beerboep here - too much beer), fat ankles in his sloppy slippers, everything soft and round and doughy, in contrast to the flat sharp lines of the mirrors - and also of the black and white tiles on the floor.
This too will pass. Definitely. Sigh. Can I share the beachhouse for a while?

Alan Ross

I tend to be lazy, so this card is a real kick in the rear end for me. I understand exactly the sleepy, lethargic feeling that is described in the book. A couch potato existence leads to a dull mind, a sloppy body, and a dead spirit. Life is not meant to be lived from the sidelines, as an observer. It is not a spectator sport. It requires active participation. The body can only be kept healthy and strong with frequent activity. The same is true of the mind. And the spirit as well.

The lazy vacation resort is a nice place to visit once in a while, but we're not meant to live there. There are always new challenges waiting down the road.


What did this man do to get to such a comfortable place? He doesn't seem interested at all in attaining anything more. The life lesson of losing everything may be sneaking up behind him, as is evinced by the throne --his ego (I love that observation HV) shattering beneath him, or being shattered by fate or other unseen force.

This is a warning not to become complacent, as the goal has not been reached. Though it would be nice to stop at the beach house.


Ah! He's not in a beach house! He's in a corner of his kitchen (hence the black and white tiles). He wanted to go to the beach house, but he lacked the motivation and energy to leave his house!

It reminds me of setting up a tent in the loungeroom because you don't want to be in the wilderness of the great outdoors!

Bring me another drink......get me a cushion so I can lift my feet off this cold floor.

Who is the poor doormat that has to put up with this lazy, slimy man? (Hmm, he reminds me of my ex-hubby!)

Are they mirrors cracking - or are they mountains of ice that he's made his slave prepare for the numerous glasses of alcohol that I'm sure he will consume?

When it is all said and done, we each have to look at oursElves in the mirror. I think this man has donned dark glasses because he doesn't like what he knows he will see.

with love


What a wakeup call after the dreamy vision of the 8 of Water!

I don't know why, but the image on this card always makes me think of Jack Nicholson. (Now, I have no idea if he's a complacent man in real life. I suspect he's had his ups and downs.)

I'm taking this card as a reminder not to become too attached to the moment just because the moment is pleasant. As Solitaire sagely notes above, "this too shall pass."

I am reminded by this card of Faust's deal with the Devil. The Devil would win Faust's soul if he ever said, "Oh, moment, stay! You are so fair!"

This guy has clearly said that to himself, and his world is about to turn upside down.