OshoZen King of Rainbows (Pents)


King of Pents ~Abundance~

This King looks like a hippy from the 60's. There's a lot of things going on in this card. Enough to inform you that in order for life to be truly abundant, all facets of life should be fullfilled. I once believed that to be a spiritual person meant that I had to sacrifice the physical, material aspects of life. To be spiritual meant something in the physical world had to suffer. To be materialistic, well that was the absence of true spirit. One could not live side by side to the other. I struggled for many years with this until I came upon my own philosophy of life...to bring in and balance the many different aspects of my life to make a whole.
The one thing that I like, thinking on Zorba the Greek, is the joy...the absolute bliss of living.
When I start from there, just enjoying my days as simple as they are, I find a real peace. Then I feel like I've got everything I will ever need.

Judith D

I hadn't even seen your post when I mentioned hippies on the card for the queen! Definitely agree especially on this one.
I still find it offputting (somewhat judgmental here, Judith) but I can definitely appreciate the meanings. Perhaps I think too much of the excesses of the 60s, instead of the enjoyment of living that time promoted. I was a bit too young to enjoy it, so it's probably envy speaking here.
He shows me that a spiritual, meaningful or compassionate (or all three) life does not have to be serious, stringent, poor. You should not deny or denigrate any other, but should pour your energy, your love, your efforts into the life you lead and enjoy each opportunity, each moment. After all, the purpose of life is to be happy! I totally agree with Squeakmo - I like 'the joy, the absolute bliss of living'. I like the reminder that the material world alone (Zorba) is not enough, will be exhausted, and you need the spiritual richness (Buddha) to reach wholeness.
He has everything there, every aspect of life around him. He is indeed a king, a ruler, although far more like the Robin Wood king of pentacles than the RWS, who is definitely far more practical and wise looking.
But he still looks like a scruffy hippy. Maybe if he just tidied his hair and beard just a bit ........


The duality of the sun and the moon, separated by a rainbow of colour in between. This big fat buddha-like king makes me think if I rub his tummy that I will find a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow!

And, that's a pretty big book that he's perched upon. Maybe if you rub his tummy in a certain way, he gets ejected into the air and the book opens on a relevant page to bestow his wordly wisdom to you?

Lots of shapes indicating a full and satisfactory life. Yet, I don't see a porsche here! The best things in life are free....that's the message I get from this card.

with love


Osho's commentary to this card describes him as "Zorba the Buddha." I definitely see this King of Rainbows as on the tantric path. That's the book of the wisdom of life that he's sitting on and all four elements converge on him.

Interestingly, the commentary also says that he suggests a particularly male energy, yet I read him as more universal.

Some 20th century Soviet literature was famous for what was called "the oceanic sense of life" which to me seems very similar to the "ten thousand joys and ten thousand sorrows" acknowledged as a part of life in Buddhist philosophy. This King rests in the center and sees that it is all good, all of it.