OshoZen Page of Clouds (Swords)


HeavensV is feeling a tad under the weather so she asked if I could post the last remaining sword folk. So without further adieu...here is the first court...

Page of Clouds ~Mind~

I remember my mother once shuffling and pulling her daily cards of the day and this little sucker came out.
"oh, no, no" she said "can't be"...stuck it back in and shuffled again, lol!
Not the most attractive court, but very telling. I've always perceived the swords with truth, and diplomacy, in this case, the truth isn't always pretty.
This is how my mind looks at about 3 or 4 in the morning. For the past couple of weeks, I've been waking up, clear as a bell, and with no need to fall asleep, I think, and think, of how it all went wrong, lol. Until somewhere around 5, I lose consciousness. That seems to be the hallmark of this card, no consciousness what so ever. Just the old tapes spinning round and round. I look at this card as a wake up call, to get my thoughts together, become aware and awake again, but in a good way.

Judith D

An image of the mind in charge - and it is not very pretty. All the old, unnecessary rubbish kept stored up in there, going round and round like the hamster in the wheel becoming more and more compressed and destructive as more and more gets stuffed in with it.
But we can clear it out just by letting go. By being mindful of what is happening now, not what happened then, or will happen when.
It's the result of all the guilt, the bad dreams, the resentments, the anger, which we keep inside, keep going, not allowing them to die and disappear, or not offering them up voluntarily.
I once tried the experiment of writing down whatever thoughts arose, but it didn't work very well - I think I expected something like automatic writing, but I had to think about it which didn't seem to be the object of the exercise.
Although the court cards in this deck are brilliant, I sometimes struggle to correlate them. This would be a page - young, immature, eager (page), beginning to develop the mind (sword) especially after travelling through the suit and coming to the end via the desperate ten of swords. But, if we take charge of our own mind again it will have these qualities instead of the dark, smouldering wasteheap shown to us in the image.

Judith D

PS - I hope you are feeling more the thing now, HeavensVault! Sorry to hear you are not so good.


What an interesting, industrial depiction of "monkey mind." Yes, it's an illusion. Yes, we all have it. But geez, the pounding that something so insubstantial as thought is taking in this deck!

The reason that this suit was named "Clouds," according to the LWB, was a reminder that thoughts should not be taken to seriously. But I am finding here that thoughts and the mind are being attacked as if they were the most cunning and vicious of foes.