Ostara Tarot


These are really good. Thanks for pointing them out.

(Siem Reap!)


Those are stunning. A couple of those cards are so good that it be worth buying the whole deck just to have them.


Wow, amazing illustrations! Thanks for sharing!

Is this a collaboration deck??


they are gorgeous and it's all diffferent artists.

it says at the top....

We are an Illustrators collective from Vancouver, B.C currently designing a tarot deck.

It has one of the most attractive Hanged Man ever! :bugeyed::)

I hope it's really released!


Great border treatment also. Something they might actually agree on in the current collective going on here.

I'm a sucker for hares, wish they'd been a constant through the deck :)

Ostara. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they did all four seasons?

Le Fanu

Lovely deck. One to keep an eye on.


This is amazing. It looks as though each artist is taking a suit, and they're divvying up the Majors. I want to keep following this.


Beautiful! I love the representations of animals in the deck. Thanks for letting us know, Ace of Stars! :)


Very cool deck!