For those of you interested in Ouija, there is a site that I stumbled across about a year ago. It’s one of my favorites. It’s called the Museum of the Talking Board at; http://www.museumoftalkingboards.com/

With history, art, custom boards, “how-to” and piles of links, it’ll keep you busy for a while.

I'm sure a lot of you have visited the museum before but for those that haven’t, enjoy!


why thanx blue, I've never heard of it before , but how interesting.


Blue, I am scared to death of the Ouija board. Years ago I had a very scarey experience with one, I don't want anything to do with one now! It was terrible, I'll never forget it. The board started telling things that seemed almost evil, and when we asked if the force behind it was good or evil, it spelled evil. That did it for me!! I hope no one else has this experience.


Jeanette: We had a real creepy experience with the ouija board too!!! Here's what happened - one of the members playing with the board started to look funny. Then he started to speak in a completely different voice and he literally took on a green hue! He was trying to express himself but all he could muster was strangling kind of noises. His features changed - he didn't even look like himself. We asked the board his name and intent - all that was spelled out was: evil. We broke the circle immediately. The guy who had "transformed" became himself again but felt super freaked out. Later that night, and for several nights afterwards, he was awakened in the middle of the night by what he called "someone slapping him hard across the face". Of course, there was never anyone in the room - except for this creepy discarnate presence. CREEEPPPPYYYYY!!!! We never touched that board ever again (that was many years ago).


Deso, that must have been horrifying for everyone. I don't see how a wooden board and plastic pointer can cause such things, but I truly believe they can and do. I wonder, has anyone else had experiences like this? My stepmom and I were using it when it happened to us, but it was not nearly as weird as what you experienced. YIKES!!!! I don't even want one in my house!!


Wow, did this post take an unintended turn. I realize some people have had bad experiences with Ouija boards. I also know that people I know have had terrifying encounters with Tarot. How do we explain that? Is it the object, the technique, the operators or some undiscover influence eminating from Camden, South Dakota?

Personally, I've always been on fairly good terms with all the Ouijas. What ever their true nature, I still like the site! I always enjoy visiting it around this time of year.


as the moderator of this section of aecletic tarot forums i have to read all the posts but i can tell you i hoped that this one would just be ignored when i saw it. i have heard and seen such dark, negative experiences with these 'portals'. that's what i believe they are. they open a portal and negative spirits can easily come through these.

you can believe or disbelieve in these, but personally i've never heard of a good experience with them and i even dread having to read the posts on them.

that said, now i suppose everyone will post on this topic like crazy. just my luck.

(joking) solandia, can i be reassigned? LOL

love and total complete light,



I had to chime in. I have used Ouija boards and have had nothing but good experiences with them. Even if you do not use one some of the artwork put into creating them are stunning in their beauty.

Thanks for posting the site again :)


Jade, thanks for applying the term of "portals" to the Ouija. I had tried to describe to friends what I thought the Ouija was, but words failed me. Now I can explain it better! So sorry you have to get involved in this discussion, maybe it will take a surprise turn?! Jeanette

tiger lily

blue (17 Oct, 2001 08:11):
I realize some people have had bad experiences with Ouija boards. I also know that people I know have had terrifying encounters with Tarot.

Really? With TAROT?? Oh, please, let us hear some truly terrifying tarot ghost stories! I mean, it *is* almost Halloween...