Out of print?


I've been called by this deck for a while now. After taking a second look at our finances, I decided that I can afford this unique deck after all. So, I started calling around to the local metaphysical shops around here. Told me it was out of print and no longer can be ordered? I'm SO upset right now. It seems as though I may still be able to order it on line though. Just thought I may want to relate this to anyone else who might be interested in this deck, to order now while you still MAY have a chance in getting it. sighs.


did Amazon search

I searched in Amazon and they list the Faeries Oracle, and are selling it at 17.50. There is nothing that says this is out of print. Just last week I saw a copy at my local Borders Book Store, so I am not sure where your out of print info comes from. You might want to check Brian Froud's own site www.faeries.net to be sure, but it doesn't look to be out of print yet.