overlarged images


I saw some beautiful images online and thought of making a private tarot deck (major arcana only) out of them. But one problem - some of the images are too large. How do I make the images smaller so I can print them out and stick it on pieces of cardboard? Thanks.


you need to get a paint program of some sort, like paint shop pro, and resize the image in that.



Excellent advise Liliana. :) I use PhotoShop but that is pretty complicated if you have no experience with programs like that...

Actually, If you don't have anything else, you can paste pics in Word and resize them there...

Be careful with copywrite though finn... there are a number of threads in this forum dealing with that if you want to check it out.


I'm an absolute idiot with comptuers.....i don't even undertsnad the "comuputers for idiots manual! :D

I'm just using it for private pruposes...not public. I don't think I'll be infringing it as long as it's for private purposes (good thing i take law!!! hahaha).

Did you say I could resize them using word? I'll try that...

I won't be suiing Paint shop..it's dead expensive in HK and it's so complicated........ :p


Finn, if you check out computer mags or the paintshop pro website, you are more than likely to come across a free evaluation copy of the program.

I am a photoshop and illustrator user, which are more advanced than pspro, but there is a freeware programme called the Gimp which emulates Photoshop.

Good luck



another program that's useful for you is corel photopaint. it's quite similar to adobe photoshop. hope that helps. :)


thanks for all the advice.

one for Q, if anyone doesn't mind answering - how do i resize the images using word?


Finn, All you have to do is copy the image from the internet, open a word document and paste the image there. Then if you click on the picture and move the mouse to the corners or the very centre of the edges the mouse will change to a different arrow (I think). Click on the mouse and drag it to the centre of the image. The shape of the picture should go with it. Keep moving it until you get your desired size. If you want the picture to keep the same ratio then use only the corners and keep your finger on the 'enter' key as you drag the mouse.

Hope this helps! :)