pacificwaters & myself ~Summer 2017 ~ Practice exchange


1. Can I expect my research to be published in journal X in coming 60 days?

Guess this would be around August 18th

Hanged Man = No
You will not publish your research by/around August 18th

10 of pentacles - Queen of pentacles - Chariot Rx
It could be that something tied to pentacles as to why you won't reach it. I think the Chariot Rx is sign of a no's not showing something moving forward. You may still be in the "field" doing research or analyzing something about your research that makes you feel like it isn't time to get it published.
The 10 of pentacles mirrors chariot Rx...I am going to assume this just indicates something still in the stages of being completed. The pentacles dominating this reading I think is really indicating the slow process of this research. There might be some more things that need to be done or reviewed before it happens. The queen of pentacles has be slightly stumped.
Could I woman play a role here? If not the queen is a court that tends to stuff...she is after all the person who turned the knight into a king. So it could just be indicating there is more to tend to that will take time.

Let me know what you think.

I am sorry if my question gave the feeling that I have yet to communicate the paper..

Coming to the reading, well I aint a bit surprised by the NO here. I had communicated this research paper in October 2016. So its been almost 9 months now..Ever since then I have sent two reminders to the editor who keeps on giving the same excuses again and again. I guess I will sit quiet for a month or two before asking him if he actually intends to publish it

Two Earth cards coupled with a reversed Chariot, these cards even separately without the presence of the Hanged Man too would have said the same!!

If at all, the chances of which are nil, the paper gets published I shall update you on it. But as of now I totally agree with your reading


Star = Yes they will give you the assistance you asked.
The High priestess Rx - 2 of wands - Tower
This will explain probably what you will receive or how it will go.
So The high priestess is all knowing. She also indicates our unconscious mind, esoteric knowledge, secrets, etc. Since she is reversed... she might indicate the assistance you asked for will not be could be that someone who approves of assistance will think they know more about what you what you asked for will come but not fully in the form you wanted. The 2 of wands...maybe me think of opposing ideas....also wands is tied to fire, welding, anything that creates change through something drastic or even dangerous like fire. It could be you are asking for more help and more equipment. But I have a feeling there will be opposing ideas on how to approach what you brought up. Then it is followed by the Tower....Tower is very destructive and it also disrupts our life. It may even indicate an actual earthquake. But I remember the Tower card coming up pertaining to your business. I think how to get the assistance you want within your company has changed a lot....

Overall yes you will get mostly what you asked for......but how it will go is that there may be new protocols or procedures....even paper work that needs to be done before you will get what you want.

Let me know what happens or if this could possibly make sense. You are more than welcome to ass your own twist to the cards I pulled. Would love to hear your perspective.

An update on this...

I just received a letter stating that my request has been accepted. Got an assistant


2 more yes or No

Will I obtain a car for myself in the next 60 days (suppose end of august)?
Will I start letting go of past disappointments & pains in the next 60 day?

Having some busy evenings since past few days. Something or the other crops up. Shall get to doing the readings for you in about 2-3 days...


Will CosmicBeing be able to obtain a car by August end?

Hanged Man=No

The Universe – The Fool – 10/Cups

Hanged Man came up as the very first card of the deck. This to me seemed like a very definitive No. The next cards that came up signalled to me that you would be caught up in a cycle of sorts. Tying up unfinished stuffs from the past and as you are about done and dusted with them there would be simultaneous new beginnings. This cycle of endings and beginnings can have you pretty much exhausted and probably not much energised to go about hunting for a car. So the chances of obtaining a card are pretty much negative. Besides I think that probably you too were aware that getting a new car might have been tough for you especially by August end.


Will CosmicBeing start letting go of past disappointments and pains in the next 60 days (counting from today)

The Star=Yes

Fortune – Ace of Swords – Queen of Swords

You are pretty wise enough to understand that pains and disappointments are just a part of a cycle. You have the required mental capabilities to lift yourself out of the rut that you might be finding yourself in currently. While you might lack the spark to go ahead in full steam you would definitely pull yourself emotionally and mentally out of the lows that you might be experiencing currently. While your mind may wander occasionally to the past, a part of you would intelligently guide your emotions back to the present (at that point of time) and prevent the past from weighing in on you.