Packaging/shipping/mailing a deck


This is a general information post--For those who are going to sell a deck, you generally have to ship it & unless you're going to dumpster dive for boxes (some people do) it's always good to know a cheap source of sturdy ones in exactly the right size.

I found some great prices on 'tuck boxes', or 'mailers', those white corrugated heavy duty mailing boxes with a tuck in flap. They come flat, you fold them together in seconds, pop in the merchandise & tape it shut. They can stand up to 200 lbs of pressure.

Associated Bag Company has the best prices I've found so far. A 5x4x2" box is .30 each, you buy them in sets of 100 for $29.75.

The same thing with Uline (one of the best known supplies shippers) is $35 for 100. They look identical to the ones Assoc. Bag Co. carries.

Both have catalogs, both are online. The Uline has NO minimum on orders, if you want $4 worth of bags, they'll ship it to you. I didn't check with Assoc. yet on their minimums, but I suspect they have the same policy. Both have same day shipping.

Associated is in Reno, NV, Harrisburg, PA & Milwaukee, WI.
You can order online. They take credit cards. 1-800-926-6100

Uline is out of IL, MN, CA, NJ & GA 1-800-295-5510

They have tons of stuff, check out their websites. I've used Uline before & they do send things out fast. But I like the prices the other company has, better.