Page of Cups


Robin's "Page of Cups" seems to depict a savvy, confident, inquisitive gal, possibly older in maturity than her chronological age suggests, with both feet planted firmly on the ground (albeit sand on a beach). Now that I understand the whole fish=phallic symbol that crops up in all of Robin's court cards representing Cups, I can't help but smile as I see this Page, perhaps amused and certainly reflective, as she's eyeing the flying fish emerging from the cup she holds. Does this symbolism speak of relationships in the present or the future or even in the past? Is she contemplating whether to get involved with someone or not? Is there an important decision regarding someone of the opposite sex that she must ponder carefully? Many more such questions come to my mind. Answers depend on the question asked, who the Page of Cups represents (the querent or someone else), the spread, where the card falls in the spread and also, I've recently noticed more and more in my own readings, if there are other court cards joining her in the spread. One thing does often seem clear to me as I view this card...the Page of Cups is an intelligent, highly creative gal (or guy...of any age, race or culture) and although she represents Cups with its FULL range of emotions, I wouldn't be particularly worried that she would act rashly or without thinking under any circumstance.

Robin's key words for the Page of Cups are "Developing Talent." The mnemonic device hanging from her waist is a painter's palette, which definitely points to the artistic (ie. visual arts, music, writing, theatre, etc.) creativity that might be represented when such a Page shows up in a reading. Perhaps the Page of Cups alerts us that the person she represents has an "artistic temperament," as Robin has suggested in her book. But keep in mind that such temperament could range from someone who regularly flits and flies off the handle to someone who carefully pays attention to every detail...and everything in-between. No matter what, I'll bet she'd come up with solutions that would knock the socks off any of the Pentacle or Swords court cards and would be a worthy match for Wands, given her highly intuitive skills which it seems apparent she DOES pay attention to.

Going back to the fish symbolism, I particularly like how Robin equates the fish as also possibly announcing the birth of a child or an idea. After all, put a fish in a cup and there's the chance of something new bursting forth. If this symbolism shines strongly in a reading, maybe it marks the beginning of fantastic, great, new...whatever-you-can-dream-of!!!! The Page of Cups could be just the nudging one needs to go forward and create.