palm reading, what do these lines mean?


Thanks Alissa. I wish I had a scanner. I could send you a scan of my hand then. But the rabbit chewed the cord, and now that we have a digital camera, we don't really have need of a scanner.

Talking about synchroncitic events, though: Yesterday, hubs & I went out with Marion, and we were sitting in this coffee shop. Right behind us this table of three starting talking about palmistry! I confess I eveasdropped just bit - and thought "Wow! This is kismit!".

Dark Eyes

Hi Amyel,
It does seem as though you have the mystic cross in the centre of your palm, and as Alissa reported, this indicates a keen interest in mysticism. It marks an ability to think intuitively, and where one has a gut feeling , usually always correct. From what I can gather, it is in the position indicating a serious attitude regarding psychic interests and matters, also in religious or occult studies or subjects.
A small faint cross attached to the headline, or just below it can indicate some anger that is hanging around. usually it is to do with issues of support, perhaps there was a period of your life where you felt unsupported or betrayed, and as a result, you have some anger hanging around still. Also there could be some injury to the head, or a period of great mental strain if the cross touches the headline.
The cross, where the teachers square was once, can sometimes mean intrinsic happiness within a relationship. Great and fullfilling happiness. I agree with Alissa, the teachers square can fade if teaching is no longer a growing concern. The cross under the index finger can also mean strong leadership abilities, power and assertion, though it would be more indicative if it were a star, but perhaps there could be very very faint lines crossing through the cross on one of your hands. Strong ambition is also indicated here. This does depend on your index finger and it's overall structure.
The star on the fleshy mount at the top of thumb mound, (this is your mount of mars) indicates courage, if a star is found it shows exceptional courage, if a cross, then this is the start of the star to come.It can show a willingness to accept consequences of ones actions, also to get up again when knocked down. If the mount is very red though, it can show anger and even beligerence, and rage in some cases. This could again be anger from the past, not dealt with yet.
the cross on the fleshy pad below the ring finger, as Alissa said, is a sign of creative ability , on a large scale if it is a star. A very individual person, with exceptional creative ability.A very good imagination is shown here. Good fortune was indicated in the old palmistry books. The down side of this, is if the gift of this cross or star is not being used. It can lead to apathy and a feeling of low self esteem. Like everybody is against you, and puts you down, even though it isn't true.
The fact that all these markings are on the dominant hand would tell us that these markings are a part of your public side, the part of you that you have shown publicly or are developing now. Lines do change. If they are also on your passive (or private) hand, the meanings are much more certain, usually means they are inherent or inborn traits.
Amyel, if I think of any other explanations, I will write again. The large spaces between fingers is a sign of a free spirit,and quite an open individual. A person who thinks and acts very independently, can be daring too.. Also, perhaps not too concerned with money, perhaps money falls through your fingers. A square gap between the index finger and the middle finger will reveal a high achieving businessperson, perhaps a lawyer.
Hope this helps, please let us know if you need any more info.
Regards Dark Eyes.


Dark Eyes,

WOW. You & Alissa are bang on! One would think you know me personally!!!!

Thanks alot! I appreciate the time both of you took to respond to my little question about a few crosses on my palm!


Very insightful additions to the markings, Dark Eyes! I love hearing a "comparison" reading like this as it's really stimulating to me to hear other's with such fantastic takes on palmistry~!

Your description of someone who has money slip through their fingers is one which in hindsight seems so important that I may just have to add that one in my own methodology, so thank you thank you!

Obviously, I loved it, DE~! :D

Dark Eyes

you are most welcome for the reading, if you need more just ask.
Palmistry is the passion of my life, and like Alissa, I do take it seriously and have been working with it and studying it intently for many years.Even still, and I am sure Alissa will agree, it happens sometimes that you come across a marking or line that cannot be explained. This can be frustrating, but it just inspires me to dig and study as deeply as I can to get to the bottom of them. It is a fascinating subject, and I encourage anybody interested to delve further. Be prepared, there is so much more than you could initially imagine, but you will not be disappointed I assure you.
Thankyou Alissa for your kind and encouraging words. I too feel relief to be able to compare/contrast insights, ideas, and interpretations in Palmistry with someone who takes it seriously and obviously knows where they are coming from. I love the subject and particularly I love the feeling I get when I can advise and help people to see their capabilities and possibilities. The positive encouragement in readings changes people forever. Hands are amazing , and the information available in them is so enormous, it still blows me away on a daily basis.
Looking forward to much much more Alissa, and I love learning from you too.
Happy palm reading
with encouragement and regards


is this sitll active? quite interested


hi deviltonight,

you can always post your questions and maybe someone will answer.

in the meantime, an index for the palmistry study group threads can be found at the top of the divination forum, or by clicking here. maybe they will give you answers to some of your questions.


hmmm, just deleted a long entry that doesnt seem to make any sense, so decided to webcam-pix mypalm... this is my dominant hand, right, although i was left-handed when i was young. anyone interested to decipher?



also, my life line, there's two, am a bit confused... have a teacher's square just under myheart line, below my middle finger. headline has 2 or 3 branches... ther'es one line running through the head line, so am not sure if the bottom line belong to that line or my head line


Hi DEVILtonight,

I can tell you a few things just from this glance....

You are not an impulsive person - your life line and head line are attached at the origination point.

It looks like you have a well developed writer's fork on your head line, which would show a tendency to do quite a bit of writing on your own part. The top fork shows another fork, which shows an even greater ability to tap into the subconscious and use this gift to apply itself in the real world.

Your heart line does not meet the fingers, which tells me you hold yourself away from others. You are likely the kind of person who does not use the word "friend" lightly... and as such, you consider yourself someone with very few "real friends." However, this does not stop you from feeling things deeply in your life, as your heart line is very well marked, and deep.

I'm afraid I can't quite make out a teacher's square, but one in the position you describe would tell me you use this gift more on the heart level than the mental level, when teaching.

Hope these ideas help!


Thanks Alissa! It did help///

hmmm...i consider myself impulsive, but not for big matters. and spot on on the writing! love churning out fictions, although have neglected it recently n suffeirng from a writer's block. =(

btw, what does it mean tap into the subconcious? sometimes i'd get this 'shaking dreams', although not physically. my mind is alert but physically i'm not. at first, these dreams are the same, a blond lady pointing to a cottage. now it's like normal dreams, though still shaking,.. the diff is that after that, when i open my eyes, i'd see shapes, objects for a moment. eyelids as screens. could that be the subconscious mentioned?

true, there are only a few important friends in my life although have many friends. actually that line does touch my finge,r but it's VERY faint.

also, i have quite a lot of faint lines under my middle finger (there's a cross there) and some running diagonally towards the thumb acrossthe end of mylifeline. there's one single line running through myheadline... is that the fate line? it has two branches; one short and the other long(almost near to the bottom of palm).

[mystic cross?] there's a cross just above the 'island' in my life line and one line crosses the short (suspected) fate line. other, two crosses under my index finger, though very close to the side

my life line, which should i read, there's two! one originated from head line which is quite short and the other seemingly originating from the middle the extends to the top and bottom...the latter looks more complete though...

[digress: how did u learn all these? even with information here,i find it hard to distinguish what line is which except for head, heart and life]