Palmistry question: scar on life-line



I'm counting on the forum's diverse members to give me a hint here. A couple of days ago I got a pretty bad scratch down my right palm. It goes from between the index and middle fingers (without touching the top line, it's too short), crosses the second line (sorry, I can't ever remember their names and order), and finally crosses, ever so slightly, the life line. The top is rather shallow, but deepens significantly on that big cushion around the thumb. It's nice and healed at the top, but in the crease of the life line it's still open and will definitely leave a scar. (Keeps opening no matter how long and tight I keep its edges together - bandaging etc).

So I guess my question(s) would be - where does the line start? At the wrist or above the thumb? Could this new mark signify an event in my elder years or something now?

Do you even "read" scars?

It looks a bit like lightning hitting a path, or an alternative route to take (if "read" from the bottom). Could this have anything to do with my spiritual path? This happened in the day (or a day after? can't remember) I did some major (for me) steps ahead in shamanic work. This somehow feels important.

So any ideas welcome :)

Here's a pic, I would have done a close up so you can see the exact way it intersects the line, but it's gross enough as it is this way.


The life line starts from the edge of the hand between the index finger and thumb and ends at or near the base of the hand.

A scar is an artificial mark, not a natural one so take no notice of it when reading the lines. This cut is just that a cut and of no significance.


Thanks for the reply :)

That's what common sense tells me too, but the only site I found that actually mentions scars said to take everything into consideration *shrugs* The others didn't mention scars at all, even to say "don't include them".

LOL. Sometimes I wish there could be an encyclopedia of all divinational/fortune telling practices, just the bare facts, without myths and legends attached - for practical people.


I concur with willowfox, unless you are born with a scar (and it is not caused by injury but congenital) you do not read it in palmistry. As such, in all my years of palm reading, I have yet to find a single scar that is meant to be read.

For more basic info on palm reading, you can check this thread where many basic palm reading information threads I wrote years ago are kept.


Ok then :) Thanks.
And that's a very nice link roundup! So much info, I wish I had more time on my hands (lol, no pun intended) to get through it all thoroughly.