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Re: braided line

sagitarian said:
All of his lines, including his heart line is braided. His heart line is etched pretty good, but not "deeply" if you know what I mean. However, it looks as though his heart line is braided, as there are tons and tons of criss crossed lines within it, but they never go out of the main line.

What are some other intepretations of "braided" lines?


Cheiro writes, "a chained formation in any line is a weak sign. If on the line of heart it denotes weakness and changeability of affection." (p.76).

And, "Capillary lines are those little hair lines running by the side of the main line, sometimes joining it, sometimes falling from it; they denote weakness, like the chained formation." (ibid).

My own interpretation of braided lines is more along the lines of a person who is *very* changeable in their emotions -- they run hot and cold, go from extremes at time. For their partners, they can seem emotionally unpredictable. This tendency can also lead to periods of withdrawal, especially if the braids suggest islands on the Heart line.

If *definitive* islands are seen in the braid, I interpret this as repetitive times of a more extreme emotional withdrawal -- existing for long periods of time in a sort of "shut down" mode where nothing gets in or out on the emotional level.

Don't know if any of that helps, but I hope so! :)

Royal Cat

Re: braided line

sagitarian said:
it looks as though his heart line is braided, as there are tons and tons of criss crossed lines within it, but they never go out of the main line. It's as if there is no one line, but the line itself is made up by these intricate braided looking lines.

Wow, this is exactly how I would describe my heart line! Woven like a braid. There is one spot - a little past the midway point - where it evens out into one line... but that area has several tiny vertical lines cutting across it. The end of mt heart line forks into four seperate lines that just sort of flow off the side of the hand.

It was very interesting reading both interpretations of the braided line. :) There were pieces from both that fit me.


Dark Eyes

I have generally interpreted the braided heartline as a fickle heart.Somebody who can't make up their mind when it comes to love. One minute they love somebody, the next minute they aren't sure. Alissa also indicated this in her post.

Also sometimes very large looking braiding can point to a type of armouring ( self protection) in the department of love. Somebody who shuts off because they don't want to get hurt. The area of their life that has caused their shutting off is indicated in the area where the braiding is most prominent.

Yes, I agree also that the fine lines running off and downward from the heartline are weaknesses, also disappointments in love.

The forked heartline, depending on which direction the forks point to can signal a balance in the emotional and physical and mental areas of the persons lovelife.

If one of the forks curves and points down toward and touches the beginning of the headline and lifeline junction... I see this as somebody who gives away their power to some degree.
They try to always please others so that they don't have to deal with how they themselves would feel if they were to upset somebody. In a way, they tend not to always say how they feel.

This does depend of course on other factors in the hand being equal... for example... if the person had a very flexible and bendy thumb, also if their headline and lifeline were joined for a long time along with other factors that we have not yet talked about.

This is just another way to look at the heartline.

Dark Eyes. ;)


Re: braided line

sagitarian said:
With his braided heart line, I said that he is very detailed oriented in all ways in his life, including his love life. Everything feeds into each other sorta speak, and you pay attention to those little details, no matter how little they may seem. It makes a difference to you. Also, you're a perfectionist, not so much you have to be right, but you feel the need to be clear in your communication with your lover, as well as, you need to be understood within those fine details. However, this can lead to a lot of arguements over what your partner will feel is trivial or nothing. You are very very emotional, and love means a lot to you, wether it be family, friends or even religion. To love means a lot to you and anything you do love, no matter how insignificant it may seem, it will be given its recoginition by you if no one else. (Now that I think about it, it seems like the hippie tree huggin and loving kinda person, which fits him, ok, well he doesn't hug trees, but he does in his heart).

That's me, and my heart line is as you say, a bunch of crisscross etc. Yet I do not run hot then cold, I am a very devoted lover. But! I do withdraw in some ways.


has anyone ever seen two heart lines?

The other day, I took a look at a man's palm, and sure enough, one right on top of the other, he had two heart lines. Has anyone else seen that? How would others interpret this? I hadn't a clue, or even an inclination of what this would mean. I need to pick up a book BADLY! Thank you for any insight any give.

*Just curious, has anyone ever seen three or more heart lines?


Re: has anyone ever seen two heart lines?

sagitarian said:
The other day, I took a look at a man's palm, and sure enough, one right on top of the other, he had two heart lines. Has anyone else seen that? How would others interpret this
This sounds like a "sister line" to the man's Heart line. A sister line is any double, yet distinct, lines that run together, and Cheiro writes, "When an important line, such as the line of head or of life, is found with what is called a sister line, namely a fine line running by its side, it is a sign that the main line is thus strengthened; consequently any break in the main line will be, as it were, bridged over by this mark, and the danger lessened or prevented." (p. 75).

It would seem a fortuitous mark, overall, I would think.


Hi, just wanted to second Alyssa's interpertation of the dual heart line. I've always heard that a sister line corrects any defects in the line itself.

I've never seen three heart lines, but have heard of it. Not sure about four or more, that it's even possible. The abscence of the line generally means coldness of heart.

Bars on this line mean disappointments, circles can mean a weak heart in a literal sense. A very long, to the outside of the wrist, means one who is very idealistic. Potential to being unfaithful only shown if very faint and weak and poorly traced.

Braided or chained, a natural flirt, not necessarily a cheater. Downward branches, love disappointments, could be platonic or not. Frayed, love worries.

Heart line color should be pink. Too white, heart diseases. Too yellow, possible liver problems. Very red, tendency for passion to the point of violence.

Like Dark Eyes has said, forks add strength to the line , see where they branch to. Overall, a thick, even braided line is preferable to a thin, long heart line, best if it jumps out at you.

Alyssa, not true for me, but other people have told me that they see their heart line change over time, more often than the other major lines. Maybe because emotions do fluctuate, the heart gets broken, then repairs over time is a reason for this.

Dark Eyes

Hi all fellow palmreaders and interested parties,
I read two heart lines as exactly that.... two hearts !! This person in my experience, has double the amount of heart, a very sensitive and extra emotional person. This person has enough heart for two people. Of course, it depends on the location of the heart lines, sometimes they can actually be the girdles of venus. If this is the case, I read them as extra sensitivity and even thin skinned. Very susceptible to their emotional environment, can hurt very easily. Depending on how many of these girdles there are, I have sometimes found a hint of histeria.
Best wishes
Dark eyes. :)


I have read this in interest. To start with I was rather confused about all this braiding and forking business. I have heaps of forks/braids and in some areas look like isles. These had pretty much started at the beginning, near the pinkie finger. I would tend to agree with the crises, because that is when mine had started in relation to emotions. I would definitely say that I am very guarded, which can be indicated by the fact that I think that there is a reasonable distance from the Heart line and the fingers, the whole distance. I would say if anything, I blow hot and cold, if that makes any sense. I hate to think that I would actually desire to have the upperhand with anyone in terms of relationships, as I am not that sort of person, I hope. Matter - of - fact I get very upset and feel sick in the stomach if I hear that anyone was doing that to anyone else, and even me, although I may not see it as such, as compared to if I was on the outside!

Guarded - most definitely!