Palmistry Study Group - the Intuition line


Ok... here we are at the last of the major lines that I read when looking at a palm. What follows comes from a technique that was taught to me, and that I've used and refined myself. I find it quite accurate. However, you won't find it discussed in traditional book sources.

The Intuition line usually originates from somewhere near the Life line, down low, and slants at a left diagonal through the palm (if reading the right hand). It may or may not touch and/or cross the Head line and Heart line. It may be solid, or broken.

The line may also appear only at the Head or Heart line as well. For more help locating it, in general, it makes a triangular shape with the Life line and the Head line.

The depth of the Intuition line shows the depth to which this person reaches their intuitive self. If very deep, obviously a solid connection. This is seen on other readers/psychics, and/or natural mediums. A shallow or faint line shows a sporadic connection to the intuitive self, and when it "speaks" it is probably often challenged by the person, and/or ignored.

For some, their Intuition line may be deeper on one area of the palm and not the other. A strong line in the Life line (low on the palm) shows their intuitiveness comes through to them the strongest "on the gut level." They may just have "good gut instincts" or often show up at the right place, at the right time, for no reason at all.

A strong area near the Head line shows a person whose intuitive self comes through "at the mental level." They may often experience dreams that feel more like spiritual visitations, and experience "flashes" of clear-seeing, and/or clear-knowing (the feeling of "just knowing" the information necessary).

Those with strong Intuition lines at the Heart line (the top of the palm) are natural empaths. Their intuitive self speaks through "the heart chakra" and they may find their own emotions are strongly colored by those around them. They may have difficulty in large crowds due to their natural abilities to feel the emotional context of those around them, especially if they are not practiced at setting up internal filters in such situations. They are often the folks who call us when we are hurting, as if somehow they "could just feel you needed to talk," and acted upon it.

There are those who do not have this line on their palm. This would indicate a person who has no real connection to their own intuitiveness. About an eighth to a quarter of all the palms I've read so far look this way. When I see no Intuition line, I usually disregard mentioning it altogether in the process of a palm reading. I commonly do not point out their missing attributes while reading, as there's plenty to focus on that *is* there.

The Air handed folks are the ones who most often have strong intuition lines. The Earth handed ones are the least likely, and if they do, it is most often a "gut level" Intuition line.

When reading, remember to start combining what you have learned already in the course of your reading to what you now see at the end. Blend the elements as you would relate the cards to each other, if reading Tarot.

For example, an Air handed person would indicate one who prizes intellect and study. If they have a strong Intuition line, this likely indicates they have spent some time studying Tarot or spiritual matters as well.



This is the line that thus far has eluded me! And boy!, does it strike a cord! Notto sound silly, but when I started reading your profile of the line, I "knew" it was the correct one for this line.

I have one on each hand, Alissa, both down low, between my life & fate lines. Both start fairly deep and "lighten up" as the stretch upwards.

And yes, from your description of "inution styles" I am much a "gut level" type then a mental type.

When faced witha difficult situation or challenge, I find that often I take no action until I "feel" it is right - and for me, this is a solid knowing in my gut. I cannot decsribe it better then that.

Thanks! This has somehow brightened my day!


Cool, amyel! :D You described perfectly the gut-instinct intuitiveness... it *is* a "it just felt right" kinda interior sense.

So glad to brighten your day... :D Thank you for your feedback.


Here is what Cheiro has to say about the Intuition line.

All quoted from page 111.

"The line of intuition is more often found on the philosophic, the conic and the psychic [hand types].

Its position on the hand is almost that of a semicircle [ author: I disagree ] from the face of the Mount of Mercury [ author: or below the pinkie ] to that of the Mount of Luna.

...It denotes a purely impressionable nature, a person keenly sensitive to all surroundings and influences, an intuitional feeling of presentiment for others, strange vivd dreams and warnings which science has never been able to account for by that much-used word, 'coincidence.' It is found more on psychic hands than on any others [ author: I disagree again ]."

Some of the same concepts I address (empathic awareness, significant dream recognition) are generalized by Cheiro. However, I do not usually find the Intuition line to arch in a semi circle, but rather to cut diagonally.

Cheiro, however, recognizes the line I primarily read as the Intuition line as the Line of Health, which also follows this same shape and placement in the hand. I do not read the Line of Health when I read though.

This is one example of how individual palmist's will begin to refine and adapt their practice, as it best suits them.

Royal Cat

Alissa said:
Cheiro, however, recognizes the line I primarily read as the Intuition line as the Line of Health, which also follows this same shape and placement in the hand. I do not read the Line of Health when I read though.

I'm glad you added this part because I've been confused... are the line of health and the line of intuition the same line? I had a palm reader talk at length about my 'health' line and how I would be well-suited to a career in health and healing. I've never had any interest in traditional medical careers so I felt baffled by what she said. She also mentioned that in some people the Health line will show up during times of poor health and go away when they recover. She obviously thought I looked healthy so she interpreted the line as a talent for healing others.

If the Health line and the Intuition line are actually the same thing then I think it makes more sense (on my own hand) to read it as the Intuition line. I have a conic hand and the line goes diagonally from my heart line, under my pinkie, toward the lower part of the life line. On my right hand it cuts across the life line and then arches up slightly toward the thumb. On my left (non-dominant) hand it goes down, almost to the wrist, and joins some other line that forms a crease when my thumb is bent slightly.

Thanks for any clarification you can offer! :) I'm glad this group is active again - I really enjoy the lessons.


Glad to help Royal Cat! :D

The line of Health is more commonly seen in the palmistry books, and is still often read by many (if not most) palmists. I definitely recommend reading up on it, if you have questions about the Health line, as I won't be addressing it in the Palmistry Study group.

Me... it wasn't how I was taught to read by the person I consider my primary palmistry teacher. And what I was taught, I've since used and used, and found to be quite true.

For reading one's overall health, I typically default to the Life line - the measure of vitality. Is it a strong line, indicative of a robust nature? Or is it weak, frayed, chained, broken? This technique has also served me well when addressing health related issues with clients.

Edited much later to add: The line of Health is also often called the "Hepatica" line when doing book research.

And... it's too bad that Dark Eyes isn't with our group any longer. Having more than one palmist to discuss their own techniques would be helpful (like talking to more than one person about what a Tarot card means... a diversity of opinion sometimes begins to show a larger meta-pattern to how certain lines are read).


I double checked Richard Webster on the Intuition line, but he does not adequately address the subject in his book.

He shows them marked on a map of the palm (p.32) of the "Major lines" but never discusses the lines themselves (!). He does use them as part of his example palm reading in the back though (p.265).

And, he does not show the Intuition line in the area discusses, but rather as horizontal, hash-like marks on the lowest area of the Mount of Luna.

This depiction also comes from a different Cheiro passage, but one I'm not finding easily today (pick up the Cheiro book and you'll see why. No index, and a spectacularly bad example of how to use plates with your text).

I will keep my eye out for this last alternative Intuitive line placement though. Just more palmistry stuff that's fyi.

Royal Cat

I'm a little late in saying thank you...

Alissa, I really appreciate the time you took to answer my question. I personally find that it makes more sense to me to read the line as Intuition vs. Health and I like how you use the Life line for overall vitality instead.

Thanks for the clarification and insight! :)


oooh, like amyel, this could be the line that had eluded me too! this line on my palm originates near the bottom of my life line like you described. i have a clear break towards the end of my lifeline, and this line i think coul dbe the line of intuition originates just before it. it is clear at the beginning but then fades and becomes broken. i'm guessing this must represent a disconnection to my intuitive self? lol, the tarot has told me this many times before!


sirona86 said:
i'm guessing this must represent a disconnection to my intuitive self? lol, the tarot has told me this many times before!
If I'm visualizing this correctly, your Intuition line originates just above the Life line, and then begins to fade out as it reaches toward the Head line..?

If I were reading such a line I would likely say, "Your Intuitive Self comes through most strongly as a "gut instinct" kind of reaction. However, you may consistently feel a sense of second-guessing this instinct when it comes through, and/or your family upbringing challenges your ability to connect clearly."

While breaks in the Intuition line may indicate a person whose nature doubts the veracity of their internal knowledge, it can also indicate a familial dispute, since it is the Line line area being read as well.

Remember, Life lines will relate as family, quite often, when reading in conjunction with another line.

And, your lines will change as you change. You can use your Intuition line as a kind of growth chart, if you will. If you feel so inclined, I would encourage you to focus more on strengthening your connection to your Head line, through meditation, self study, and dream recognition.

Also, I would encourage you to see if you can bridge the gap where your Intuition line breaks by giving in and trusting your internal instincts more often when they try to come through. :D