Palmistry Study Group : Which hand should I read?


This question is quite relevant, and comes up in almost every single palm reading you will ever do, especially if that person has never had their palm read by you before.

"Which hand?" the sitter, invariably, asks (and then smacks down the appropriate palm, often stiff as board).

When reading for the primary purpose of divining the sitter's present life and conditions, you will read their "dominant" hand. This is the hand which shows the traits, aspects, and events that have shaped *this* individual's life.

The non-dominant hand I call the "parents' hand," as it is an amalgamation of the influences and teachings of the sitter's parents that have thereby also acted to shape the sitter's life. It's like reading how the sitter's parents' lives have effectively combined to shape the life of their offspring. (Talk about a difficult task, if you ask me. Maybe someday I'll be up to reading the non-dominant hand, but I know I'm not ready yet!)

Some people say, "But I use both hands!" To these, I usually ask to see the hand they either write with the most or that they eat with. That usually helps them figure it out.

Another word on the presentation of the hand when reading. When a sitter presents their hand to me in the manner I described, palm up with great stiffness, I take the person's hand in both of mine, smile and turn it over, perhaps cupping the palm just a bit to encourage a more bowl-like shape to the hand. Next, I often find myself "petting" the top of the hand (really I skim my fingertips over the top of their hand once or twice) as I begin to analyze their hand shape. This is the moment when I start to "go in" to a sitter's hand for the first time, and the "petting" gesture also acts to help drop tension.

If they don't relax a bit upon touch and it's excessively stiff still, I will massage the hand gently .. just enough to break up the stiffness, but not in a sensual manner. Usually, a sitter is eager to be compliant, and as soon as they realize you want them to relax their hand, they try to do so.

Palm reading, because it involves at least a nominal amount of touch (no matter what your own personal reading style), will spook some folks. Some prefer to have a greater bodily distance from their fellow man and/or aren't big on touching, especially strangers. To hold a peron's hand is to put yourself in another person's "intimate space". Be respectful of their other body language, if they lean back while you read or what have you, while reading if they need to regain their own "personal space" equilibrium.

Upon first touch, you will notice immediately if they hot or cold hands, wet or dry, calm or nervous. And, they will begin to feel you for the first time as well. I find that when I read, although I have naturally cold hands they warm up quickly, and my hands will stay warm if I continue reading palms throughout the day (like at an event). This warmth has a calming effect on most of my sitters that is nice for me to experience as well. :)

One last point on the presentation of the hand by the sitter : take note of how they display their fingers to you, if they are open or closed. Fingers held tightly together indicate a closed personality, and probably one that would consider themselves "introverted." Those who display their fingers apart, especially if held loosely and with little tension, speaks to a more confident and extroverted nature.

On a rare occasion, you will find a sitter with a palm that naturally closes in on itself -- almost to the point where you have to foricibly keep the fingers drawn back in order to see the palm -- once you get them to relax their hand to it's "normal" state. These folks are private to the extreme, they often fear that you will find out their secrets, and are naturally the type who close themselves off.


funny thing....

the life line on my "parent's hand", is very short. if i were to use the method you described in the life line thread, it ends around the late 20's.

my relationship with my parents was completely severed when i was in my late 20's. a few years later, it was ended on a psycological level as well.



i learned that the left palm is the destiny hand, this is the fate you were dealt, the cards you drew so to speak
the right hand is what you are doing with it
i explained it today like this... when you play cards or dominoes with a group , everyone gets a different set, you could have the best 'hand 'in the world but if you dont play it right then someone else will win the game. On the other "hand" you can be dealt something that at first appears to lose for sure, but your skill at the game, or others lack of skill allow you to win. The "hand"part was interesting because i didnt even realize that in English it transalates so perfectly into the explanation, until now.
what makes me comfortable with this is i really hate people asking me if they are going to die....i always answer yes and laugh and then say but when im not so sure.
i doubt believed our destinies are 'set'.
oh if the querent is left handed then reverse.


Hmmm, not sure what that says about me. I am right handed but eat and brush my teeth with my left hand. I am naturally inclined to hold both hands forward palms up.

I also get a "feel" for those I read for. Often things are revealed in the hands that they would never tell to their friends in real life. One lady I read for told me and no other that the 6th child I saw in her hand was indeed true. Everyone else thought she had 5.

It is refreshing to hear another reader also use touch to "get in touch" with their guests. Thanks for this marvelous post.


zorya said:
funny thing....

the life line on my "parent's hand", is very short. if i were to use the method you described in the life line thread, it ends around the late 20's.

my relationship with my parents was completely severed when i was in my late 20's. a few years later, it was ended on a psycological level as well.


Funny Indeed!

I find stories like this fascinating when practicing palmistry. Often, you find the "real truth" in the palm, but knowing the right interpretation is the tricky part for a reader from the outside.

For you, I'd say it wasn't so tricky though...! ;)


Hi all. I just wanted to add that I've heard the same about which hand to read as all of you. But then I've heard variations on this. One is, left hand for a woman, right hand for a man. Then, left hand if querent is under 30, otherwise, the right hand.

Yet another: left for innate abilities, right for developed ones. The one I usually use is to read both, contrast and compare. I have these neurotically lined fire hands, and have noticed the lines will change, so much for a set destiny.


RingTheory said:
I have these neurotically lined fire hands, and have noticed the lines will change, so much for a set destiny.
The lines on your palm *will* change -- everyone's does. Most people will look at you skeptically when you tell them that, but it's true.

Future casting, when palm reading, is very tricky for just that reason. I make it a point to stress the maleability of the future, as opposed to the idea of a fixed destiny, when reading.

Dark Eyes

Hi everyone,
When I read hands, I read both hands. I see the left hand as the private hand, the inward hand ( those traits which you were born with and the path you were meant to take) , and the right hand as the public hand, the outward hand ( those qualities, traits and experiences which the world sees of you and you have possibly taken already).
If there is a marking or an indication present in both hands, this usually indicates a definite . If only present in one hand, then it is a possibility, but depends on other factors in the hand.
I don't usually worry whether the person is left or right handed these days, I still see the left hand as passive, and right hand as dominant. After all, when we introduce ourselves or meet somebody, we extend our right hand for the other person to touch by handshake, our left hand we keep to ourselves. It is our more private hand, the hand we wish to protect, our inward hand.
There are a few variations on this between different palmists, but this is the system I have found to be most accurate for me.
Having said that however, there are occasionally instances where I look at dominant and passive hands the other way around, these are rare, but in some cases the left hand can be the dominant hand beyond a doubt. This depends on the client and their personality/lifestyle etc. It really just depends.
Therefor, I would not question the style of reading that other palmists use, We all have a system that works for us individually.
Keep up these threads Alissa, they are fab !
And keep the replies and questions coming you'all !
With encouragement and blessings
Dark Eyes. :)