Paris, Lyon, Marseilles: Tarot de Marseille

Rusty Neon

The Noblet Tarot was printed by master cardmaker Jean Noblet in Paris circa 1650.

The Dodal Tarot was printed by master cardmaker Jean Dodal in Lyon circa 1701.

The Conver Tarot was printed by master cardmaker Nicolas Conver in Marseilles circa 1760.

All three of these decks are, in our present time, considered to be examples of the Tarot de Marseille basic tarot pattern.

I presume that the basic pattern of tarot, to which all three of these decks belong, became known as the "Tarot de Marseille" due to the popularity that Conver's deck enjoyed, even though the basic pattern was in existence before Conver. I'm curious whether Tarot de Marseille decks were printed in Marseilles before circa 1760.


There are certainly historical records which predates 1760 for Marseille having cardmakers...

as to what cards were made there, however, I am not aware of what historical evidence there is at the present.


Tarot of Marseilles

Hi Rusty and JMD,

The most ancient reference of a deck made by a Marseilles' card-master (maker?) is the François Chosson : 1672.



The François Chosson deck : 1672


When we were some years ago discussing this datation with Bob O'Neill and Philippe Camoin, Bun had considered as plausible that the deck of 1672 could have been in preparation 50 years before : 1608...