part 3 visions


I really want everyone's opinion even though i know how i feel. I dont feel like i should touch my tarot deck because i feel its been tampered with, i mean.. this sucks.. because this girl has made me feel like she's the one. and i could have sworn i saw her when i was a little kid...... and thats the person i dreamed that i wanted to be with before i even liked girls... ( i did feel that i met this dream girl earlier in life but, she was younger) (the first day i met this girl she liked me, young love i guess) I'm So confused and Scared.. like.. if i learn to go through life.. i'll be helping my g/f become more psychic if she is.. she's very secretive, but i still trust her... i mean if this stuff is real I have to tell everyone... ... I have a friend that claimed he said he talked to a psychic and that he would be famous, (now i think all famous people are psychic) he's also extremly lazy and able to get alot from people for nothing.. ... My g/f friend is extremly lazy..and has gotten sick alot while we were together, she also claimed to talk to a psychic and said she would be famous.. Also a lot of guys fall for her she's said.. she said she picked me cause i was special.. she said she was a virgin but. i've been with virgins and it didn't feel like it. She's always been there to help me through life and feels perfect to the touch.. her palms have lines all over them... She avoids pictures..and being recorded... For about 5 years.. i've had the number 23 in my head.. today is 12/23/1 .. thank you


I'ld love to help you Diff4rent but I'm afraid your message had come out VERY disjointed. Maybe you had better reread all three of your posts and try to rephrase your problem clearly. Something seems to be missing between part 1 and part 2. And, I'm just guessing, but maybe you should try it when you are NOT stoned.



Diff4rent: Synchronicity is expressing my exact reaction. Besides an apparent "missing" portion between parts 1 & 2, the contents of all parts come across as garbled & exceedingly indeterminate.


Understanding that you are distressed,I wonder if you shouldn?t talk to someone,perhaps a doctor.It?s often better to talk about something difficult,than expressing it in writing.Then you will feel better,I think.

Best wishes,Genna.