PCS Ten of Swords: blue water/a wave instead of red blood or cloak?


Hello, all. :)

About 15-20 years ago, I remember stumbling across a certain RWS card online which immediately stuck in my head: the Ten of Swords. It was attractive somehow, feeling quietly profound... And looking back, it may be that image which drew me to begin study of the Tarot in the first place.

However, that particular Ten of Swords clearly had a wave of water washing over its prostrate figure's back -- using maybe two shades of medium to light blue, and perhaps a touch of white as well. The colouring was smooth and fit perfectly within the related black ink-outlined areas.

There was no red or other non-watery colouring on the man's back at all. As I recall, even the wider "trickles" around his head may have also been coloured a watery blue. The remaining colours used for the rest for the card were, I believe, the same as the early/classic RWS cards, or at least very close.

Some time later, when studying the Tarot more in depth, I was puzzled to no longer find that particular card image online, not with the same tidy outlines and colouring. Aside from the vast prevalence of bloody and/or red-caped 10S renderings, only some RWS clones seemed to be depicting a wave... And all of those seen then and now are clearly "clones" -- outlines notably morphed away from the RWS standards that I've gotten to know, and the 10S that I recalled.

The issue is that those bloody and/or caped renderings have always seemed "off" to me... And, no, I haven't a fear of blood involved in this preference (as my cut-prone Gemini Mars has proven that to me many times)... It's just that despite repeated close inspections, the widespread use of red on the man's back -- or any colour other than depicting water -- has never seemed to fit the overall feel/intent of the card, or the actual PCS drawing/black outline of the back area.

So, is there actually a known deck version that I've missed which sticks closely or identically to the early/classic PCS drawings yet has a watery blue, wave-swept 10 of Swords figure back? Had I really only stumbled across someone else's creative and basically flawless, professional-looking re-inking (or computerized edit) of that card?

...Either way, does anyone else here suspect that a wave across the back is in fact what was originally drawn by Pamela Smith (and intended to be coloured as such, with shades of blue and possibly some white)? Being soothingly water-swept after the end of intense struggle, perhaps eventually absorbed by the sea... It suits this card much more than a simple cape or bloody ooze, wouldn't you think?

Cheers. ;)