Pearls of Widsom - Ace of Pentacles

Rede Seeker

I find this Ace overwhelming. There is so much vitality! How does a common mortal contain so much Life-Essence? The answer is the central figure - with a smile, arms raised in praise, and with your best dancing dress on! Even her hair is dancing!

Our Lady holds a pentacle high overhead. The green five-pointed star rests inside a yellow-orange circle. There are red rings at each intersecting point of the five-pointed star, locked in place by the eternal knot that is the Pentacle. There are four streamers or bunting flowing from both sides the yellow-orange circle. One streamer is orange; one is fuschia; the third is a light indigo; the fourth is turquoise. Each has a yellow streamer separating it from the next and there is a scattering of gold coins in each.

The Lady stands on rich brown earth. Coins have fallen onto this bare earch and it looks like they are seeds set into the soil. There are purplish flowers in the same area with golden centers.

The Lady smiles from ear-to-ear. She has green eyes. Her jewelry is green and gold, her bodice is fringed. Her yellow skirt is held in place by a green belt with dangling beads, very much like a belly dancer's costume. The center piece of her crown and belt are the same - a circle divided horizontally with yellow above and red below. It looks to be the symbol for Water (Earth has a cross inside the circle) - our Lady carries some fluidity with her at the crown and navel. Her skirt has a green ribbon at the border and is fringed. She wears gold sandals and a fuschia cape flutters behind her.

The rock wall that forms the border and upper arch reflect the Life Force's glow. There are shelves in the upper corners. The left shelf holds a red bag and gold jewelry. The right shelf holds a conch shell and more jewelry. Both shelves have a necklace draped over one edge. The necklace on the right side seems to be a twisted-gold cord ending in a gold pentacle pendant with a green center. The necklace on the left side is pearls which fall near a mandolin/lute, so it's hard to tell if there is a pendant attached to it. Under the mandolin/lute is another necklace - a gold chain this time - ending in a gold pentacle with a green center. Under that is a chest filled to the rim with gold coins and jewelry. Two scrolls (tally sheets?) are standing upright in the chest of coins. Each is tied with a green ribbon. There is an apple, cut in half, each half displaying the five pointed star-pattern inside.

On the right side, beneath the gold pentacle necklace is a gold bracket holding a ring of three keys. Beneath that is another golden bracket holding a buldging purse with a pentacle marked in green, gold, and red on the front. There is an identical purse on the ground in the right corner. This purse is open, gold coins are spilled all over, still the bag is buldging.

There are no Runes on this card. There is no free space to mark them on.

The Ace of Pentacles drools wealth and possessions. However, with all the wealth around her. the Lady holds the pentacle high overhead and smiles with gleeming green eyes. She knows where to focus her attention. Not on the clutter underfoot and adorning the walls. The three keys indicate additional storehouses and her access to them. Her wealth is in her eyes and vibrant body and the token she holds high. Everything seems to be in movement - vibrating with energy - a curious thing for the good grounded earth to do.


Ooh this card is GORGEOUS :) It's one of my favourites in the whole deck.. I love the fact that she looks like a real woman, wobbly bits and all :).

She holds the gift of the pentacle above her head and who could refuse it from such a lovely, smiling creature?

This is a card about riches and wealth but it's so much more than that.. She looks healthy and vital and the lute in the borders makes me think of creativity too.

The ground beneath her feet is fertile and many small flowers bloom there, they look like roses (for passion) to me.

A lovely card, I'm sorry I haven't more to add really but Rede Seeker has said it all :).


Ace of Pentacles

This was the first painting. It is my friend "C" who was going to write poetry for the book, but after I gave her a "relationship candle", for her birthday, she met a nice man, got married and moved away. "C" was instrumental in my painting this deck, it was her friends who introduced me to tarot cards and tarot readers, it was they who thought my art work should be tarot cards..."C"'s friend "J" a tarot reader, helped me to draw the cards and introduced me to reading. We did a reading asking how it would all turn out, it was positive, so I thought why not... I thought it would take me 2 years.....


Hexi thanks for your thoughts and WELCOME to our study group and to Aeclectic :)

I'm really looking forward to discussing the deck with you.

It's lovely that the inspiration for the Pentacles Ace, a card about manifestation and the real world is actually a real person :).
She's gorgeous too.