Pearls of Widsom - Knight of Pentacles

Rede Seeker

A mounted Knight holds a glowing, golden pentacle at eye level. It seems to be drawing energy from the radiant sun behind it. The Knight and horse have stopped at a wide spot in the road, a pentacle marks the center of this wide spot. The horse is poised to continue the journey, three hooves on the ground, one raised to take the next step.

There is a road leading off to the horizon. I can't see where the road began; perhaps it began at the wide spot where the mounted Knight stands - sort of like the Yellowbrick Road from the Wizard of Oz starting as a spiral at the center of the Munchkin city. The earthen pentacle is bordered by tall, rich grass, clovers and bright pink, trumpet-shaped flowers (sorry, I don't recognize the species).

There is an Earth spirit forming the far horizon. It looks like She's using a willow tree as a pillow. There is another tree near Her feet. Beyond the Earth Spirit, there seems to be a calm lake or ocean - the blue is a different shade than the sky surrounding the sun. The sun is beaming. There looks to be thin white clouds in the sky.

The pink flowers also appear around the border of the card with green vines trailing up the columns and across the lentil. On the lower right corner is the Knight's helmet; at the lower left corner is a large golden pentacle. There are shelds identical to the one the Knight carries mounted half-way up both sides of the card.

The horse is white with decorative rather than protective livery. The Knight wears armored leggings, a red cloak, blue shirt, and golden, fringed gloves.

I get a sense of stillness - no wind is tickling the leaves or moving waves across the water; no bird on the wing. The water is far distant, though visible. Fire comes from the glowing pentacle, fueled by the sun behind it. Earth is represented by the dirt path and wide spot/pentacle in the foreground.

The Rune Fehu is marked on the left-hand column; Elhaz on the right. Fehu is the Rune of wealth, expansive energy and new beginnings. Elhaz is a dangerous Rune if one tries to grasp it rather than become one with it; it connects one with higher consciousness.
Fehu = first Aettir; first Rune = 1
Elhaz = second Aettir; seventh Rune = 15
Fehu + Elhaz = 1 + 15 = 16 = Sowilo = the Sun-Rune indicating success and achieving goals.

The Old Icelandic Rune Poem for Sowilo:

Sun is the shield of the clouds,
and a shining glory,
and the life-long sorrow of ice.

The stillness in the Knight of Pentacles is the stillness of waiting for an answer to come through. Our mounted Knight is well grounded and looks to the Sun's stand-in (the glowing pentacle he holds). Water is accessible and if the air becomes active, the trees will tell him. The land around him is fertile and growing.


The Pentacles..

According to Wikipedia, one of the definitions of the 5 pointed star/pentagram is "a symbol of mystical and magical significance".

Looked at from this viewpoint, then maybe the golden pentacle he holds in his hand has even more significance than first afforded, and ontop of all of this, he stands in the centre of yet another pentacle/pentagram, perhaps even possibly drawn by himself, as though in some sort of ritual/trance seeking guidance from the pentacle in his hand, both pentacles/pentagrams drawing energy in combination with each other as well as the sun to give him the answers he seeks.

And if we choose to go along this route, then maybe the reason that he has always been the slowest of the knights is because his journey is more of a mystical/spiritual nature, leading him on a completley different path to that of any of the others, and maybe that's why he does not feel the need to suit his horse in armour, as any battles fought for him, will be more on a personal/mystical level.

Any thoughts?

Rede Seeker

The lack of armor

Interesting, the lack of armor could represent this Knight's complete faith in the Mysteries/Magic that he serves.